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Thanks to my pal Danny G from Local 123 in Berkeley for sharing this sweet video about the slammin jam they had at the cafe last week. Lots of familiar faces, and lots of new ones, too ”always nice to see. Killer tracks back up the excitement and merriment of the event. Check it out!

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  1. Stephen Vick: Dude, you’ve gotta stop being so dramatic about this. You’re saying the same stuff you did about Chris Baca’s nice post about this event, and frankly, you’re insulting the kind people who organized and threw this gathering out of nothing more than a desire to bring the Bay Area coffee community together. Like I said before: all the coffee and milk was bought and paid for. The milk and coffee was used for baristas to practice with, get enthusiastic about their craft, and I’m betting they all went back to their own shops even more excited about being a great barista and representing coffee well. THAT’S the point. On this side — the “rich American” side, it’s what we can do: provide venues for baristas to become better at their craft so they area able to communicate the story of great coffees to consumers, therefore insuring higher prices.

    You obviously disagree with this ”and it’s your right to voice your opinion. But it’s also the right of these baristas, who were so totally excited about their craft and their jam that they put together an 11-minute video, to make their own decisions about how they pursue their vision and work.

    These events are celebrations of coffee, not wastes. But of course, that’s just my opinion.


  2. just sounds like another giant waste of coffee and milk just so another already rich american can wave their dick around and take home some cheese while the people who grew that coffee struggle to have a balanced diet and wouldn’t throw a drop of milk down the drain if you paid them. i’m totes down with regional coffee gatherings to promote community, but I wish they would be more educational and less blatantly wasteful, as seems to increasingly be the case, especially as we all are trying to be part of a “sustainable” industry.

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