News from (the) Heart!

We’ve been enjoying some beautiful sunshine here in Portland, Oregon, the past few days, and lucky for us, it was bright and gorgeous this morning when Ken and I headed to Heart Coffee Roasters on East Burnside to meet with our art director, Jessica, about the June/July 2012 issue. Jessica had snagged a table on the sidewalk out front, and we warmed up in the sun as we drank some beautiful coffees and worked on the plans for our next issue.

The sunshine on our table at Heart Coffee Roasters this morning in Portland, Oregon.

We hadn’t had a meeting at Heart in a while, and it was as busy and bustling as ever. The cafe/roastery that Finnish snowboarding champ Wille Yli-luoma opened in October of 2009 was a hit from the get-go, offering an attractive blend of Scandinavian and American design and style, not to mention some fantastic coffees. Wille stopped by our table to chat about some new developments at Heart ”he’s been busy as ever, it seems! Heart rolled out new packaging today that is as tasteful and smart looking as it is environmentally friendly (it’s 100% biodegradable).

Heart's new packaging, on display next to a cup of Rwanda Coko that was so good I pretty much chugged it.

And in true Wille fashion, he’ll stay just as busy in the days to come: tomorrow he’ll unveil a newly designed website, so be sure to check that out at And last tiny task he has ahead? Roasting all the coffee for both the U.S. and the World AeroPress Championships, to commence next week at the La Marzocco/Marco booth (#3101) during the SCAA show on April 20. Whew!

For those of you coming to Portland for the SCAA, Heart is one of the cafes you don’t want to leave off your list of top notch coffee spots to visit. It’s located at 2211 E. Burnside, just 1.3 miles from the Convention Center. Stop on by!


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