Monkey Mocha Fantastique Premiere!

On April 14th, in Louisville, Kentucky, Sunergos Coffee will hosting the premiere of Monkey Mocha Fantastique, a latte art competition, and coffee sampling. Seriously, if Barista Nation Portland, and the Specialty Coffee Association of America/US Barista Championship show weren’t happening next week, we would so be there.

But if you’re lucky enough to be located in or driving distance to Louisville, you should totally check this out.

Monkey Mocha Fantastique is a short, comedic film about a couple of baristas who decide to settle an arguement ”over a girl, what else? ”with a latte art challenge.

Timothy Strader, who wrote the film, gives the following synopsis: “Dave, a down on his luck and mediocre barista, loses his girl to the rival barista Stephan. When his ex-girlfriend Vella brings Stephan to the coffee shop, Dave impetuously challenges Stephan to a head-to-head latte art competition at the annual Finding The Flash competition. Dave must rely on Leslie, his bizarre mentor and sage of all things coffee, and a bit of luck to push himself to finally confront Stephan and seize his destiny.”

The cast (above) and crew will all be in attendance at the event on April 14!
Basically, April 14 at Sungeros Coffee (306 W Woodlawn Ave Louisville KY 40214), will be one big, awesome, caffeinated party. Here’s the schedule:
6:30 p.m.: Doors open
7 p.m.: Screening of Monkey Mocha Fantastique
7:15 p.m.: Q&A with cast and crew
7:40 p.m.: coffee tasting and mingling
8 p.m.: Latte Art Competition ($7 to enter)
A still from Monkey Mocha Fantastique. Promotional gear to support the film will be available for purchase at the Sunergos event.

There are some sweet prizes assembled for the latte art competition winners, including:

¢ A Baratza Preciso grinder

¢ Coffee gear from Sunergos, Prima and Reg Barber

¢ Subscriptions to Barista Magazine

¢ Gift cards for Doc Crow’s, Cake Flour, Greenhaus, and Baxter Ave Theaters.


And if you want a sneak peek at the film, you can view the trailer on the Monkey Mocha Fantastique Facebook page!

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