NBC Welcome Party!

After a long, wonderful and super educational day at the Nordic Roaster, the event wrapped simultaneously with the beginning of the Nordic Barista Cup, in a fun party with beer, hotdogs and spectacular views of Oslo.

Stephen, me and Alex on the roof of Kaffa, with spectacular views behind us.

It was a blast! After everyone had hotdogs ”with a Norwegian twist: they were wrapped in lefse, which is similar to a tortilla but made from potatoes ”and beers in hand, our emcees, David Latourell and Jay Lijewski called everyone to attention and announced a few details about the Nordic Barista Cup, and then proceeded with the introduction of the five Nordic teams.

David and Jay, atop a table, making announcements. They're awesome emcees!
Jay introduces our esteemed team of judges, before bringing the teams up.

Another special element of this year’s NBC is that some teenagers from a local chef school have been invited to participate and help the teams out in Saturday’s event, and they’re really excited to be with us. And we’re excited to have them!

Some of the young chefs who are participating in the NBC this week.
The rest of the young chefs, with head judge, Synøve Nesøen, who has brought them to the NBC.

And then it was time to welcome the five teams of the Nordic Barista Cup to the stage!

Team Finland!
Team Sweden!
Team Iceland!
Team Denmark!
Team Norway!

What a great evening ”and what a wonderful Nordic Barista Cup to come!

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