More photos and memories from the Nordic Barista Cup 2010

Due to some Internet issues, we were not able to post as many photos and stories from the latter part of the Nordic Barista Cup as we had hoped. But better late than never! Here are some of the memorable images from this year’s event, which was top notch from start to crazy finish…

Team Sweden is never short on Team Spirit
The NBC wouldn't have been the same without these guys: Martin, Ola and Tim V.
Members of Team Norway coach their youth barista before he performs an abbreviated barista competition performance.
The wonderful volunteers stand at the ready to serve the coffees in the Nordic Roaster competition. All attendees were invited to taste each of the nine entries and vote for their favorite.
Wonderful emcees David and Jay
Team Iceland wins for best footwear
Team Finland listens to Paolo Dalla Corte giving a fascinating lecture about the hstory of Dalla Corte espresso machines
Palmar from Team Iceland and the young barista with whom his team worked, enjoy a lecture.
The score sheet used by judges in the abbreviated barista competition.
Baristas discuss their favorite coffees during the Nordic Roaster competition.
Anders Bjørk gave a fascinating lecture on how to compete in sales through coffee.
Team Denmark!
Two of the young baristas at work on the Dalla Corte machines during the abbreviated barista competition. They were so wonderful to watch!
One of the young baristas explaining her coffees to the judges.
Exterior of the beautiful event space we made our home during the Nordic Barista Cup.
All teams and judges gathered on stage at the Gala Dinner before the announcement of the winner of the Nordic Barista Cup.
As per NBC tradition, all items used during the event are auctioned off at the end. Here, Jay and David make a heck of a deal.
Klaus and Varney strike a pose.
Colombian baristas were a welcome addition to this year's NBC.
Team Denmark is proud of their young barista's performance!
Just before the announcement of the winner, at the Harry Potter themed Gala Dinner.
Jeppe gets his copy of Tim Wendelboe's book signed by the author.
Having won the NBC, Team Sweden rejoices.
Vince Fedele, who developed the world's first refractometer for coffee beverages in 2008 along with the Gold Cup software for coffee, gives a lecture that has the attendees on the edge of their seats.
Andreas and Rose at the Gala Dinner.
Team Sweden receives congratulations from the judges.
The dramatic and beautiful setting for our Harry Potter Gala Dinner
Willy Hansen and Paolo Dalla Corte catch up during the NBC.
Don't mess with Team Iceland (and member of Sweden)!
Our esteemed organizers: Bjørg, Jens, Tone. Thank you for a wonderful NBC!!
Vince Fedele talks with Mike from BUNN
Speaks for itself.
Amazing costumes...
Thank you, hosts from Norway!
Samuli, Alex, Paula ”a formidable group
Stephen as Snape
Poland! An entire crew came over from Poland to get inspired by the NBC! Terrific!
The setting... couldn't have been more perfect.
Samuli's evil wand of defects.
Paolo Dalla Corte... truly a legendary man.
George, Einar and I escaped during lunch one day to visit the fantastic Oslo Opera House one day...
Einar at the Opera House
Volunteers make waffles to sell for the NBC charity project.
Sonja's hair clip, made of popcorn.
Erling Dokk Holm delivers the lecture, "Sociel Economy in the Cafe."
Matthias sums it up: A magical event!
See you at next year's Nordic Barista Cup in Cuppin'hagen, Denmark!
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