More from Day 2, Vienna

The vibe around the WBC stage is totally different today than yesterday, as the World of Coffee conference and trade show floor is open! It’s a fun show, full of over-the-top flashy booths, and lots of heavy hitters from the best equipment and coffee product companies in the world! So the atmosphere is really fun and exciting.

Raul, the Barista Champion of Guatemala, had his competition equipment held up in customs until today! So he's now practicing at the Nuova Simonelli booth before he competes at the end of the day. In true Raul form, he's been upbeat and positive!

I just got back from cruising around the show floor for a few hours, visiting friends at their booths and catching up. So much fun! Now, back at the WBC stage, we’re down to the last eight competitors before the announcement will be made of which 12 barista champions will move onto tomorrow’s semifinals round. Nerve-wracking!

As we excitedly watch these final eight (Argentina, the UK, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Germany, Chile, Nicaragua, and Guatemala), here are some shots of the day so far…

Here is Stefanos, Barista Champion of Greece, giving us a sneak peek at the menu cards he provided his judges with. He went on to deliver a fan-freakin-tastic performance, using coffee from Aida Batlle Selection in El Salvador, and trained by Tracy Allen.
Really cool fundraiser for Coffee Kids! There's still time to buy tickets and win these amazing prizes!
Giovanni of Nuova Simonelli and Christos of Taf Coffee in Greece, with the information about the barista events Nuova Simonelli will be sponsoring in Moscow, starring Christos. Really cool idea for building barista community in Russia.
Meet Kyle Wilson from Toronto, one of the winners of the Send Me To Vienna competition hosted by Natvia! Here, he's joined by Natvia's own Mark Hanna, and Gianni from Nuova Simonelli.


We’re running a bit behind schedule with the barista competition, so expect the semifinals announcement at around 5:30 or 6, Vienna time. Watch live online at!



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