End of Day 1, Beginning of Day 2

If there’s one thing we’ve learned over the years that Barista Magazine has been the exclusive Media Sponsor, and covering the WBC, it’s that things move fast at the World Barista Championship! So we take as many photos as we can, talk to as many competitors as possible ”basically, we like to be here for the competitors, and be there for our readers. So we don’t sit behind the computer all day doing blog posts, like we did in the beginning. Instead, we try to do enough posts to keep folks updated on how things are going. But we also really like to be present here, to enjoy and be part of the spirit of what the WBC is: a celebration of coffee and the people who make it. Ken and I feel this opportunity is an honor, every single year.

Hanging out with the competitors and teams (here is Christos, part of Team Greece) backstage is one of the most fun parts of the WBC--seeing the excitement, the nerves, the happiness. It's so awesome!

Then, back at the office, we work like mad to put together the best, most comprehensive coverage of the WBC that we can, in photos and words. Please look for the August/September issue, our annual Commemorative WBC Issue, in the coming months!

This is the cover of the 2012 WBC Program. See the link to look at the whole pdf of the program for yourself!

For those of you who haven’t found it online yet, please go to Barista Magazine’s website to see the full pdf of the 2012 WBC Program, which Barista Magazine created. It includes profiles of all the competitors, an article about Alejandro, the outgoing champion, and much more!

So to wrap up yesterday, here are some images of the fun being had…

Barista Champ of Slovakia, Monika, was very happy with her performance! And the fact that she made it in under 15 minutes!
The Barista Team for Romania is in full force here in Vienna!
Former Brazilian Barista Champ, Yara, hung out with fellow Brazilians and enjoyed watching everyone fawn over her adorable baby!
Aida Batlle arrived just in time to see the US Champ Katie compete with coffee grown by Aida at Finca Los Alpes in El Sal. Pictured here with Noah from Cafe Imports, and Aida's nephew, Robert.
La Marzocco's Kent Bakke stopped by the WBC Espresso Bar, managed by M'lissa Muckerman, for some tasty espresso!
Barista Champ of Mexico, Fabrizio, gave an amazing performance.
US Champ Katie was cool as the proverbial cucumber throughout her spellbinding performance.
Katie's mom, Jean, takes photos in the stands.
Team Norway explodes with enthusiasm for their champion, Rasmus!
Rasmus with his super awesome silver spoons, bearing his initials.
Josh from Canada might have been the last competitor of day one, but his crowd's enthusiasm was electric!


As always, you can head onto the World Barista Championship’s website to view the live feed right now. Stefanos is about to go on, representing Greece!


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