Miami Vice Night

It was an incredibly intense day ”so many cuppings, lectures and fascinating discussions around coffee, taste, texture, and more, we were all ready to cut loose a little ”and our gracious Norwegians hosts had everything taken care of for us.

The Nordic Barista Cup has a tradition of great parties, and Miami Vice Night was no exception.

Team Finland and Team Denmark rock the house.

We were transported from the event space to another beautiful restaurant, this one at the seaside, with a big seafood dinner to be served to us.

The costumes people wore were so awesome!
Look who's here! It's Aida Batlle, the Salvadoran producer of some of the best coffees in the world, including the coffee the cascara pulp came from that made the Cascara Beer that debuted at this party. It's an incredible beer!
The last big event of the night was when the winning team of the day was announced. And it was Team Sweden!!
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