Metric Coffee Is Making Waves in Chicago

I’m always excited to hear about new companies, or companies that are doing really interesting things (sound like you? Shoot me an email and tell me about it! So I sat up and took note when Xavier Alexander sent me a package of coffees and some information about the Chicago-based company he owns with Darko Arandjelovic called Metric Coffee Co. which they founded in 2013.

Xavier (left) and Darko. Photo by Ryan Lowry.
Xavier (left) and Darko. Photo by Ryan Lowry.

Metric was born from a conversation between two friends about the thing they love most: coffee, of course. I love stories like this one ”they had plenty of experience and were primed for success: Darko owns the well-known coffeehouse Caffe Streets, and Xavier had previously worked as a roaster and quality-control specialist for Intelligentsia in Chicago. They knew coffee and they knew the city. The held their breath and jumped, and I gotta say, if  the stellar coffee Xavier sent me is the result, then they’re done it. Metric Coffee has arrived.

A selection of Metric's coffee offerings.
A selection of Metric’s coffee offerings.

Metric is a wholesaler ”there’s no cafe ”though Caffe Streets is a great place to go to learn more and state the terrific offerings from Darko and Xavier. You can also find Metric at The Winchester, Plein Air, Cellar Door Provisions, and Bangers and Lace.

You can read all about Metric on the company website, and maybe you’ll want to order a bag for yourself and check ’em out. It’s some tasty stuff, I promise you that. Also, you can follow Metric on their blog.

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