Meet the Judges

The NBC has a new set of judges this year, as it does every year. But unlike past years where each judge was responsible for judging all aspects of one team, this year each judge has one responsibility for every team.


Sonja from Iceland will judge each team on their knowledge, barista skills and techniques.


Bjørn from Norway will be responsible for evaluating the teams’ entrepreneurship, a major theme of this year’s NBC.


Daniel from Sweden is looking for team play and fair play, making sure each team supports each of their team members and that no one falls behind or is left behind.


Mika from Finland will judge each team’s improvement and coachwork through the three-day event.


This tough looking fellow is Sweden’s Torkel, the head judge of the event who is responsible for making sure everything is judged fairly, consistently and all of those other good things. Just don’t mess with him!


Oh, and this guy is looking forward to leveling a few fines. You shouldn’t be surprised you know how Denmark’s Klaus loves power!

Since the teams will be awarded points based on how much money their businesses earn, the judges also have the power to fine the team members for violating any of the competition regulations.

If the competitors don’t speak English, it’s a B$100 fine. If they’re late, it’s a B$100 fine. If they’re rude or kissing up, it’s a B$100 fine. The red card comes out, the whistle blows, and the judge collects the cash. No fines have been leveled in the first hour of the event, but bow do these judges look ready to bring the pain if anyone steps out of line!


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