Hot Drinks and Cool Vibes at the London Coffee Festival

The London Coffee Festival is more than just a showroom of coffee purveyors. Coffee consumers drink up, party down, and perhaps see a surprise or two at the biggest festival to date.


You can almost smell it the moment you enter Brick Lane: the heady scent of groggy coffee folks who have denied themselves their morning cup of joe in favor of congregating toward the Old Truman Brewery. This is the mecca of cool conferences in the UK’s capital, and we are all here for one reason: the London Coffee Festival.

The festival is currently running, ending Sunday, April 9, with at least 30,000 people in attendance. With both independent and chain coffeehouses popping up on every corner in London, it’s not surprising this is a popular event. Since the festival began seven years ago, the UK coffee scene has been experiencing quite the revival. Those in the trade, those with a passion, and those with a passing interest for coffee are all here in force to sample the delights available.

The London Coffee Festival is open to both coffee pros and consumers alike, and attracts over 30,000 patrons.

LCF has stalls by the bucket load (around 250 at last count), all offering their bean blends along with assorted coffee paraphernalia, but they manage to keep the vibe both relaxed and exciting. The latte art stalls are a huge draw to passersby, as delicate swans and heart-infused designs appear in awesome detail from creamy colored cups of java. As difficult as this is, and it is tricky, you can have a go yourself at the workshop stands. The first time you successfully create a heart-shaped image, you’ll be hooked for life!

At times the festival takes on a night-out vibe, and you would be forgiven for thinking you had stumbled into a club. DJ decks are dotted around many of the rooms and corridors, playing everything from hip-hop to classic rock and ’90s chart music. The VIP area, with its pink and red lighting and private bar, does little to dissuade you from this line of thought.

The London Coffee Festival is sometimes a festival and sometimes a party with music, drink stands, and dancing.

As you venture further into the exhibition, it all becomes—at least a little—more relaxed. The Hyde Park area, complete with fake grass, white benches, and lampposts, is meant to resemble the famous London greenery. If you’re very quick, it’s here you will be able to grab a deck chair and kick back while ever-perky staff wander past with samples of their particular blends. Periodically bands will take to the stage, and a music festival feel will percolate throughout the room. This is also where you’ll find the espresso martini van. VIPs are entitled to a free cocktail (over 18s only, this is England!), but anyone else wishing to sample this tipple will be set back £8 ($16). Lucky punters could also be offered coffee parings in this area, including whiskey for the adults and chocolate for everyone else!

LCF is also host to a number of competitions and classes for baristas to hone their skills and learn a few tricks.

Should you find yourself craving a little fresh air, the Secret Garden—again only for VIP guests—has a cocktail bar and BBQ on the go for the entire event. With the blessed sunshine (it doesn’t always rain in the UK, you know) beating down, this makes for some light relief from the throngs of coffee lovers milling their way around the maze-like venue.

If you’re looking to be surprised, the London Coffee Festival has you covered. How about a coffee spread? Dark, smooth and Nutella-like in appearance, Flat Brew has a silky consistency and would be an interesting addition to your breakfast pastries.

Flat Brew is a Nutella-like coffee spread you can add to your toast or pastries.

Not surprising enough for you? How about coffee jewelry, then—and no, we’re not talking about those gold-bean-shaped necklaces we had in the ’90s. Jeweler Rosalie McMillan is working with GreenCup Coffee, and her geometric designs are made of 75 percent coffee resin. The waste, or ‘puck,’ we throw away from our home espresso machines is combined with an alloy and decorated with gold or sterling silver. The results are an indulgence that are both eye-catching and give you the ability to say you’re buying them to help the planet.

Rosalie McMillan crafts jewelry out of coffee resin, using the pucks of spent espresso to make rings and necklaces.

Obtaining a VIP ticket seems to be worth the extra you pay, as this gives you full-day admission to the festival—standard tickets are broken down into three-hour slots. VIP tickets include access to the VIP hospitality suite and a fast-track entry to jump the queue. It’s a particularly handy perk, as the lines to enter will stretch around the block starting at least an hour before the doors open.

You’re also gifted with a London Coffee Festival tote bag that includes the usual bundle of pamphlets, leaflets, and free samples. One addition that is rather noteworthy, however, is the London Coffee Guide 2017, a slickly designed and expertly photographed book showcasing the best spots this city has to savor your favorite jitter juice.

The hottest of beverages in the coolest of venues, the London Coffee Festival is going to be around for a long time to come, so you may well pop along and see what all the fuss is about. It’d be rude not to!

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