Let’s Play Barista Magazine’s Humpday Giveaway! #63 (May 21, 2014 Edition)

Welcome to another round of Humpday Giveaway! It’s our weekly trivia contest for fun and sweet, sweet prizes right here on the BMag blog!

Sarah is just back from MICE  and the world championships in Latte Art, Coffee in Good Spirits, and Cup Tasters in Melbourne, Australia, and she didn’t return empty-handed. Nope, she came back with this week’s prize!

Last year in Melbourne, we met our old friend Kiril Shaginov at his new business’ booth where he was working with his fiancee, Josefin Zernell. Their company, Mörk Chocolate, was just getting launched at that time, but this year they were back at the show and their business is going great!

Kiril Shaginov and his fiancee, Josefin Zernell at their company's booth.
Kiril Shaginov and his fiancee, Josefin Zernell at their company’s booth.

From the website: Mörk Chocolate is a small business. We have one foot in the world of fine chocolate and one in the world of specialty coffee, with over ten years of professional experience in both Australia and Europe. “Mörk” is Swedish for dark, and the name speaks both to our shared history and our devotion to dark, pure chocolate.

And Mork’s drinking chocolate is fantastic! That’s why this week we have a 250g container of their Dark Milk & River Salt  Specialty Hot Chocolate  up for grabs!

Oh, sooooo tasty!
Oh, sooooo tasty!

But that’s not all! Josefin and Kiril not only have a love for chocolate and coffee, but also for collaboration. For this year’s event in Melbourne, they partnered with SIP imports and made these awesome, custom 135ml tulip cups. Oh, they also have super-cute designs on them.

SIP ahoy!
Custom drawings decorate the cup.
Custom drawings decorate the cup.

So two questions: One, who wouldn’t want this week’s awesome prize pack, worth more than $70 USD? And two, since we already brought it back from Australia, why wouldn’t we be willing to ship it anywhere in the world? Yes, this week’s Humpday Giveaway is open to everyone everywhere.

And our lucky winner will receive the container of Mörk drinking chocolate, the custom cup and saucer!

We just need the rules and a question, and then we’re ready to get going!

First up, here are the rules:

Humpday Giveaway Rules

”Answer the trivia question by referencing the  current issue of Barista Magazine. You can look at the whole issue for free online by going  HERE.

”Leave  YOUR ANSWER  plus your  FIRST and LAST NAMES, as well as  YOUR COUNTRY OF RESIDENCE, in the blog comments section.  

”Answers may be submitted between  7  a.m. PDT on Wednesday, May 21, 2014, through 6:59 a.m. PDT on Thursday, May 22, 2014.

”The names of those who submitted the correct answer will be entered into a drawing, and  Barista Magazine  will randomly select a name, which will be announced on  Thursday, May 22, 2014 at 10 a.m. PDT  right here on the  Barista Magazine  blog.

Now the big question:

Question: What year did Piero Bambi conceive of and patent the double boiler for espresso machines?

Think you know the answer? Then type it into the comments section below (along with your name and country of residence)! And you’ll have a shot at winning this week’s prize!

 Good luck and thanks for playing  Barista Magazine ˜s Humpday Giveaway!



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  1. Piero Bambi conceived of and patented the double boiler for espresso in 1970. Bravo!

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