Let’s Play Barista Magazine’s Humpday Giveaway! #61 (May 7, 2014 Edition)

Hurray, it’s Wednesday! That means  it’s time to play Humpday Giveaway once again! And yeah, this week’s prize is pretty dang awesome. So no beating around the bush here, let’s just get straight to it!

This Humpday Giveaway  prize pack comes to us from the awesome folks at Prima Coffee Equipment! And they’ve done ya’ right with this prize pack! You know the World AeroPress Championship  in Rimini, Italy is just around the corner, with a number of national champions to be determined between now and then, and Prima wants to celebrate!

Win your own Aeropress from Prima this week!
Win your own Aeropress from Prima this week!

So this week’s prize pack includes everything you need to become an AeroPress  champion yourself (other than the coffee): an AeroPress  , an Able disk-fine filter, and a Hario V60 Range-Server! Shazam!

And you get an Able Disk Fine Filter!
And you get an Able Disk Fine Filter!
And you get this awesome Hario V60 coffee server! Woot!
And you get this awesome Hario V60 coffee server! Woot! (Adorable bodybuilder toy dude  not included)

So yeah, it’s a pretty awesome week to play Humpday Giveaway! Here’s the one catch: Only those of you with U.S. addresses are eligible to win the AeroPress prize pack. BUT never fear, foreign friends! No one is excluded from winning something here on Humpday Giveaway, so we’ll select one of our international respondents, too. That person will win his/her  choice of a one-year subscription to Barista Magazine or a BMag t-shirt.

Now a quick review of the rules, and then the question.

Humpday Giveaway Rules

”Answer the trivia question by referencing the  current issue of Barista Magazine. You can look at the whole issue for free online by going  HERE.

”Leave  YOUR ANSWER  plus your  FIRST and LAST NAMES (we need them both), as well as YOUR COUNTRY OF RESIDENCE  in the blog comments section.  

”Answers may be submitted between  7  a.m. PDT on Wednesday, May 7, 2014, through 6:59 a.m. PDT on Thursday, May 8, 2014.

”The names of those who submitted the correct answer will be entered into a drawing, and  Barista Magazine  will randomly select a name, which will be announced on  Thursday, May 8, 2014  at  10 a.m. PDT  right here on the  Barista Magazine  blog.

Now the big question for this week’s contest:

Question:  The World Barista Championship will be held in June in Rimini, Italy. Who will be representing the host country?

Think you know the answer? Then type it into the comments section below (along with your name and country of residence)! And you’ll have a shot at winning this week’s prize!

Good luck and thanks for playing Barista Magazine‘s Humpday Giveaway!

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  1. It’s Giacomo Vannelli. Thanks for the opportunity!

    –Joshua Viau (USA)

  2. The representative for Italy is Giacomo Vanneli

    James McCormack

  3. Giacomo Vannelli will represent Italy at the WBC in Rimini.

    Eric Busby
    Jonesboro, Arkansas USA

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