Let’s Play Barista Magazine’s Humpday Giveaway! #50 (February 19, 2014 Edition)

Happy Humpday, everybody! And can you believe this is the 50th Humpday Giveaway Barista Magazine has hosted? Thanks to the thousands and thousands of you who tune in every week to see what amazing prize we’re giving away. We do this contest for one little reason: to entertain YOU! We love our readers so much, and we feel lucky to have the opportunity to get an awesome coffee prize into the hands of one of our loyal blog readers. So thanks!

This week’s Humpday Giveaway prize is a little different, and a LOT cool. You guys all know about the Cup of Excellence (COE), right? The nonprofit organization responsible for discovering and celebrating some of the best coffees in the world? Well, the COE is growing all the time, and now it’s time for you to grow with it!

The Alliance for Coffee Excellence (which is the governing body that operates the Cup of Excellence competitions) is now offering Individual Barista Memberships! That means you can be a part of the Alliance for Coffee Excellence (ACE) and COE, even if you’re not a roaster. The Individual Barista Memberships have been incredibly popular since they debuted. For example, Kaffebrenneriet in Oslo, Norway, includes Individual Barista Membership as part of its training program.

Membership card for the Individual Barista member category from the Alliance for Coffee Excellence.
Membership card for the Individual Barista member category from the Alliance for Coffee Excellence.

A membership normally costs $75 per year, but one of you lucky readers is going to win a membership this week: it’s our Humpday Giveaway prize!

“This membership is for baristas who are pursuing excellence inside and outside the coffee house,” explains Anna Abatzoglou, Marketing and Membership Manager for ACE. “As a member, you are not only an official supporter of the Cup of Excellence program, but you are part of the mission to discover and support exemplary coffees worldwide. Our members have revolutionized the coffee world in:
·             Finding unique quality
·             Rewarding farmers
·             Building transparency
·             Constructing a global alliance to share incredible coffee stories
Barista members also receive:
·             one 8-ounce share of Cup of Excellence award-winning coffee (green or roasted)
·             Alliance membership card
·             Invitations to events and cuppings
·             Fresh news on Cup of Excellence, Alliance for Coffee Excellence, and what’s happening in the coffee world.

Additional information to be sent to the winner of this week's Humpday GIveaway.
Additional information and coffee (!) to be sent to the winner of this week’s Humpday GIveaway.

This is awesome! We are so appreciative to ACE for giving us this generous prize, and making one of you a new Individual Barista Member of ACE!

Before we get to this week’s trivia question, here’s a quick review of the rules ¦

Humpday Giveaway Rules

”Answer the trivia question by referencing the  current issue of Barista Magazine. You can look at the whole issue for free online by going  HERE.

”Leave  your answer  plus your  FIRST and LAST names, as well as  your country of residence, in the blog comments section.

”Answers may be submitted between  7  a.m. PST on Wednesday, February 19, 2014, through 6:59 a.m. PST on Thursday, February 20, 2014.

”The names of those who submitted the correct answer will be entered into a drawing, and  Barista Magazine  will randomly select a name, which will be announced on Thursday, February 20, 2014 at 10 a.m. PST right here on the  Barista Magazine  blog.

Question: Who are two baristas that worked with  Pacific Natural Foods  in developing its new Almond Milk?

Think you know the answer? Then type it into the comments section below, along with your name and country of residence. You just may win your very own Individual Barista Membership to the Alliance for Coffee Excellence!

Good luck, and thanks for playing Barista Magazine’s Humpday Giveaway!

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