Let’s Play Barista Magazine’s Humpday Giveaway! #34 (October 16, 2013 Edition)

Congratulations! You did it again! You’ve made it to another Wednesday, and of course that means you’ve got another chance to play Humpday Giveaway and win another great prize! (Yes, Cabel, even you have a chance to win if you play!)

So up for grabs this week is another set of steaming pitchers from  Visions Espresso. These sweet powder-coated pitchers are heavier than normal which, according to latte art experts, can help with a steady flow on your pour. And they come in two sizes, 12-oz and 20-oz. This week’s winner will get one of each size! But probably the best thing about these pitchers is the fact that the come in Red, Black and White, the official colors of the  Portland Trailblazers! With the start of the NBA season just a couple of weeks away could that be a coincidence? Seriously, how could you even ask? Of course it’s no accident! The black set has already been claimed, so we’re down to the red and white sets, but no worries, those are the road uniform colors of the Blazers, so you’re still good!

These pitchers have a nice heft to them because of the weight of the powder coating. Cole says this helps him with his pours.
These pitchers have a nice heft to them because of the weight of the powder coating. Visions’ Cole McBride says this helps him with his pours.


You could win a set of these!
You could win a set of these in red or white!

So now we need a trivia question for you to answer from the current issue of BMag (October + November 2013), and here it is:

QUESTION: According to the article “Group Love – The Multiroaster Concept Grows Up,” who is credited for pioneering the multiroaster concept?

Think you know the answer? Great!  Leave it in the comments section below  with your  FIRST  and  LAST  names and your  COUNTRY  of residence.

If you don’t have a hard copy of the current issue, remember you can always check it out online for free with Barista Magazine digital!

Everyone who submits the correct answer (plus the additional info “ i.e. name and country) will be entered in the drawing where we’ll select one winner and send them their choice of color (red or white) steaming pitchers. And yes! We will send the pitchers anywhere in the world. This contest is open to everyone!

This week’s Humpday Giveaway will be open from 7:00AM PDT Wednesday Oct. 16, 2013 through 6:59AM PDT Thursday, Oct. 17. 2013. Anyone who submits the correct response and required info (see how important that is?) will be entered to win.

Good luck to everyone! And thanks again to  Visions Espresso  for this week’s awesome prize!


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  1. I’m happy to say I was even wearing my Barista PDX shirt today at work, perfect timing BMag!

    Billy Wilson, Barista PDX

    Harold McGovern
    Brooklyn NYC USA

  2. Billy Wilson who’s company has the same name as your magazine minus the magazine part of course.

  3. Billy Wilson is credited with pioneering the way, and Barista PDX is still the best at it, from my experience. Fantastic cafes.

    Daniel Nettleton

  4. Billy Wilson is credited for pioneering the multiroaster concept through his Portland, Ore., BARISTA cafes.

    Dennis Sullivan, USA

  5. Billy Wilson – Barista PDX

    Justin Enis – USA Would go mighty, mighty nice with the set of cups I won 🙂

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