Lecture Series by Colombian Coffee Hub Continues

Ever since the World Barista Championship was held in Bogotá in 2011, the Colombian Coffee Federation has doubled, tripled, quadrupled its efforts to provide access to education for everyone along the chain, from producer to barista.

The Colombian Coffee Hub ”which is like Facebook but better, as it includes education and is also just for us coffee people ”is an online gathering place for coffee professionals and enthusiasts from around the world. It includes everything from the light and fun ”like blog postings from the World Barista Championship in Melbourne ”to a top-quality series of online lectures open to anyone.


The first such lecture took place on April 18, and was conducted by Dr. Edgar Moreno, a coffee quality specialist, on the topic, “Temperature, Altitude, and Latitude: How These Affect Coffee Quality.” If you missed this first lecture, no worries! You can watch it on YouTube any time you want!

It’s just about time for the second in this awesome lecture series; this one, “Impact of Climate Change on Coffee Production: Climate Change,” will be led by Dr. Álvaro Gaitán, the head of the plant pathology department at the Colombian National Coffee Research Center, on June 20.

Personally, I can’t wait for this lecture. Sadly, it couldn’t be more timely in the face of coffee-leaf rust. So I’ll see you online at the lecture on June 20!

And in the meantime, if you’re not already signed up to be a Hubber, I encourage you to do so now! It’s nothing but free coffee education from some of the industry’s most brilliant minds, and access to your international coffee peers.

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