Le Papier.

So we just got our office copies of the new issue of Barista Magazine (August/September issue, featuring the handsome Alejandro Mendez on the cover), and we’re pretty excited. Of course, that’s much in part due to the content of the issue, which we think is pretty fly — educational articles on evaluating espresso, learning about alternative milk choices for your cafe, plus a how-to on manual brew grinding, not to mention a big special World Barista Championship section, complete with a profile about Alejandro, photos of every single national champ, and some memorable snapshots. Add to that Field Reports by Ken (about the origin trip in Colombia before the WBC) and me (about my amazing trip to Brazil with Cafe Imports and all the Barista Champs), and it’s an issue we’re really excited about!

But wait til you FEEL it...

BUT: we do have an extra special reason to be excited about this issue, and it’s all about paper. We upgraded the paper in Barista Magazine from front to back, and we think it’s pretty cool. We hope you’ll like it, too! The cover stock is thicker and rougher, and the inside pages are thicker, as well. We think it gives Barista Mag the feeling of an art or music mag… let us know what you think though, will you? We want to give you Barista Magazine in as pretty and swanky a package as possible so that you’ll hang onto them, share them with your friends, and most importantly, learn from them and get inspired by them.

So let us know what you think about our new paper!

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  1. While the heavier stock lends the magazine a certain panache, I think the greater gain is entirely functional. Once I read your magazine myself, I immediately take it to work, and pass it around the bar, where it is used and abused by any number of coworkers and customers. This latest issue looks no worse for the wear.

  2. Good move guys regarding the paper. To look more professional as a magazine, it’s all about the look and feel of it. Obviously increasing the quality of the paper is a great step in the direction of getting amongst the arts and music magazine quality. ccan I also just a quick congratulations to Alejandro for his win at the WBC. He looks far too young and inexperienced to win a title like that, what a great effort for such a young man.

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