La Marzocco Out of the Box, NYC

This just happened.

We were bummed that we couldn’t be there in person for the New York installment of La Marzocco’s awesome Out of the Box events, but we were there in spirit ”well, in sponsor spirit. Yes, Barista Magazine was a sponsor, and this pretty lady was our on-the-ground rep:

We love you, Danielle Glasky!

Liz Clayton has some lovely photos from the event on her Flickr. And look for more news and pics in the August/September issue of Barista Magazine!!

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  1. Hi Sarah. I don’t know Ms. Clayton personally, just what I’ve seen online and heard from other people. I attended the event and there were so many more people and stuff going on at the event that her photos don’t even include. Her photos only seem to focus on people that she knows.

  2. Hi Tim — Hey, I understand having a beef with someone, but I don’t think Barista Magazine’s blog is the forum for discussing it. Thanks — Sarah, Editor

  3. Ms. Clayton seems to only take photographs of the people she is sucking up to in the industry. Why is that and why does anyone champion this?

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