La Marzocco Korea Relocates Headquarters to Gangnam With New Matt Café

The two-story shop invites consumers to experience Seoul’s rapidly developing specialty scene.


Photos courtesy of La Marzocco

Earlier this summer, La Marzocco Korea opened the doors to its new headquarters in the bustling, skyscraper-filled district of Gangnam, Seoul, with larger-than-life facilities. In addition to an after-sales training center and sparkling equipment showroom, the HQ also hosts a two-story café, named after General Manager Matt Lee. “La Marzocco is my whole life. And my whole life is dedicated to the brand, its artisanal values, and community culture,” says Matt, who serves as Director of La Marzocco Korea. This kind of commitment certainly deserves a namesake café.

Matt Lee alongside Mira Song, who works with him as the Branch Manager of La Marzocco Korea.

According to a press release from La Marzocco, “Matt Café represents the philosophy of the new building, a window of eagerness to develop and elevate coffee in the growing local community.” The café is equipped with a KB90 and full range of Modbar models (EP, AV, Steam, and Pourover), along with a Strada EP.

La Marzocco Korea’s new HQ has a spacious café space, along with quiet rooms and a library.

The elevated facilities also have educational rooms for training space, a library, and a retail shop, all of which are open to the public to visit and relax in. As specialty coffee accelerates in Seoul, La Marzocco fills the city’s need for bigger spaces and a center for community. “The trend moves fast, and many more people are appreciating quality coffee these days,” says Matt. “This may be a common phenomenon in many countries, but the movement in Korea is quite fast. Seoul is very open to new trends and quick in adapting to the local needs.”

La Marzocco Korea’s headquarters is now in the Gangnam district of Seoul, a bustling neighborhood with plenty of eateries and shopping opportunities.

La Marzocco Korea is located at 42, Hakdong-ro, 50-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea 06100.

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