La Colombe Forges Unique Partnership With National Parks

La Colombe will donate 5 cents of every specially marked can of its Triple and Vanilla Draft Latte sold to the National Park Foundation.


Photos courtesy of La Colombe Coffee Roasters

For New York- and Philadelphia-based La Colombe Coffee Roasters, natural beauty has always been a thing worth prioritizing. Todd Carmichael, the company’s CEO and cofounder, grew up in the Northwest and has devoted much of his life to outdoor adventures.

Last week, La Colombe affirmed its commitment to supporting America’s natural beauty when it announced a donation of at least $100,000 and a yearlong commitment to the mission of the National Park Foundation (NPF), the official nonprofit partner of the National Park Service. As part of the partnership, La Colombe will donate 5 cents to the NPF for every specially marked can of its Triple and Vanilla Draft Latte sold.

La Colombe will donate 5 cents for every specially marked can of its Triple and Vanilla Draft latte sold, becoming the official nonprofit partner of the National Parks Foundation.

La Colombe says it’s making the move because the company “shares the passion and responsibility to protect and preserve our country’s natural, cultural, and historical treasures so that generations to come can also appreciate the beauty and history of the United States,” according to a press release.

For Todd Carmichael, enjoying America’s nature and wildlife has been a lifelong pastime. “I’ve spent the bulk of my time hiking, trekking, and traversing our national parks,” he said in the press release. “I’ve hiked Mount Rainier over a dozen times. Just last year I took my family out to Yellowstone so my kids could enjoy what I’ve grown up loving.”

Todd Carmichael, pictured above, says he chose to work with the National Park Foundation because of his own history growing up enjoying nature and parks.

Todd’s penchant for adventure has manifested in more extreme ways as well: He was the first American to make a solo trek across Antarctica to the South Pole, on foot unassisted and unaided, capturing the World Speed Record. He also hosted the Travel Channel’s Dangerous Grounds TV show, which followed his adventures sourcing coffee in various origins.

The National Park Foundation protects America’s special places, connects people to them, and inspires the next generation of park stewards. “Enjoy your coffee even more now knowing that it supports America’s treasured places,” said Stefanie Mathew, vice president of corporate partnerships at the National Park Foundation, in the press release. “Partners like La Colombe not only contribute much-needed financial support, they also inspire more people to discover the many ways they too can help care for national parks.”

Along with donations, La Colombe will introduce new branded cups showcasing different national parks and areas, and will host three sweepstakes for entrants to win a visit to a national park.

In addition to the financial contribution, La Colombe’s hot coffee cups in its cafés nationwide will also be rebranded during the year, highlighting different pieces of artwork inspired by national parks. La Colombe will also host, in partnership with like-minded brands, three travel sweepstakes where a winner will have the opportunity to bring a friend to Acadia National Park, Yellowstone National Park, and Joshua Tree National Park.

For Todd, the partnership with NPF aligns closely with his passion for nature. “Here at La Colombe we value adventure, exploration, and nature, and are incredibly proud to partner with the National Park Foundation,” he said in the press release.

Learn more about the National Park Foundation’s mission and enter to win a trip to a U.S. national park at La Colombe’s website.

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