Klaus Goes to Brazil & Summer Vacation

I’ve been following Klaus Thomsen’s Facebook updates from throughout what sounds like a very busy and very enjoyable trip to Brazil recently. He’s got some awesome photos up on the Coffee Collective’s Flickr, and I’m posting here to urge you to check them out!

Klaus showing some baristas in Brasil how to pour latte art.

I went to the Coffee Collective’s blog page to see if Klaus had written anything about the trip yet ”hopefully soon, Klaus? ”and saw instead that Jordan Barber, a barista originally from Oregon and who had until this summer been working at Grumpy in NYC, will soon be closing up his summer vacay in Copenhagen, where he has enjoyed working for the Collective.

Jordan went over to London for the WBC, along with the other members of the Collective, to help out at the WBC Espresso Bar.

Makes me think about other people I know who have done interesting things with their summer vacations, such as Jolene Holland, a barista I met at Coffee Fest Minneapolis who, after working at a cafe in Chicago for a few years, was getting ready to go back to school this fall and wondered what she should do for her summer break ”so she came to Portland, where she has been working at Water Avenue Coffee and Coffeehouse 5.

I snapped this photo of Jolene and her friend, Kasey, who works for PTs, at a party during Coffee Fest Minneapolis.

I’m interested in hearing about what other people have been up to, coffee wise, this summer… please let us know! Email me at sarah@baristamagazine.com to share your stories!

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  1. Your post made me wonder who if anyone was visiting the Northeast. ..In an ideal world if a talented barista was summering somewhere different it would be more well known so the locals could see and experience their work. Something of a more or less a scaled down version of dropping by At65 in NYC on a Friday afternoon to see Giorgio Milos.

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