Kiss my ass, Vick

No, I don’t mean Stephen. He’s a nice guy. I’m talking about Michael Vick, Atlanta Falcons QB who was indicted on felony dogfighting charges. Me and my dog, Cade, say, “You’re going down, Michael Vick! Or should we just call you Scum of the Earth? No wait — you don’t deserve capitalization. You are scum of the earth, Vick.” Here’s Cade telling him that herself:

Cade at the beach

So anyway, Nike sponsors the bastard, and we want Nike to drop the bastard. If you agree that being cruel to dogs is wrong, please go here and sign the petition. If you don’t agree, please leave me a note listing your home address and I’ll be right over. With Cade, the pit/Lab mix we rescued from an animal abuser. Not to mention our secret weapon, Spacey. Now you really don’t want to piss Spacey off…

Spacey contemplating killing Michael Vick

Just look at him.

Sign the petition.