K-One: The Kronic & In Other News

Seems the Coava Kone is on a lot of peoples’ minds these days… especially those of our far-flung friends ”that is to say, folks outside of the tiny land of Portland, where the Coava Kone was invented by Keith Gehrke.

There it is...

The ever affable Tim Styles ”known for many things, among them putting up with Stephen Morrissey as a flatmate at one time; working at Square Mile Coffee‘s Penny University during the WBC last summer; and writing a great article about the London coffee scene for Barista Magazine ”had some fun playing with his new Kone that his friend TerryZ sent him. Tim was committed to making the thing work as a pour over, to the point that he grabbed a whole mess of playthings from his barista toy chest and eventually created the Frankenbrew.

Tim's monster is almost complete...

Check out the post he wrote about the process on his blog, Tropical Saloon. And be sure to watch the short video linked at the end, where he adds the piece de resistance

In other KONE news…

Blogger RF is one of the most vocal and devoted of the Kone’s followers, and he has a write up on his blog, Marrow, about the release of the Coava Disk:

Photo from marrowmag.com, of The Disk.

The Disk replaces the paper filter you would use on an Aeropress, and is cut from the same steel as the Kones. In fact, Keith made the first few by hacking up some Kone prototypes he has lying around. Check out Marrow’s photos here.

Lastly but not leastly…

Dates for the Southwest Regional Barista Competition have been announced! This regional ”which invites baristas from California, Hawaii, Utah, Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico, and Nevada ”will take place March 4 “6 in Hollywood, baby! Graciously hosted by the Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf. For registration, email Marcus at mboni@scaa.org, and stay tuned to the USBC page HERE.

Will this guy be back to rock the house, like he did at the Western Regional in 2010? Yes, that's Pete Licata. Be afraid.
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