Humpday Giveaway Winner Announced!

All your names in the mug...

Thanks to the tons of you who played Humpday Giveaway yesterday ”we’ve been doing this weekly  Barista Mag trivia contest for amazing prizes for long enough now that we can see you’re really loving it! And that makes us happy!

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Before I announce the winner, let’s give a big huge THANKS to our prize sponsor this week, Birch Coffee out of NYC. Known for their awesome cold brew coffee, Birch is spreading the love by offering a cold brew coffee kit, plus a bag of Birch’s cold brew-roasted beans to get you started! Thanks, Birch!

And now… for the winner… yesterday we posed the question:

Incoming 2nd VP of the SCAA,  Tracy Allen, first experimented with roasting in the mid 1980s on what kind of machine?

(As always, the answer to any Humpday Giveaway question can be found in the pages of the current issue of  Barista Magazine.)

You guys seemed to like this question a lot! Loads of you injected humor and insights, like “Just like most of us, his mom’s popcorn popper.” That was from Harold McGovern, by the way.

So we put all the names of you guys who got the question right into a mug…

All your names in the mug...
All your names in the mug…

Then we drew a name!

Robbie! You're our winner!
Robbie! You’re our winner!

Congratulations to ROBBIE KRASK, winner of this week’s Humpday Giveaway, and the amazing prize supplied by Birch Coffee.

And thanks to everyone who played! Be sure come back every Wednesday to play Humpday Giveaway for amazing prizes and tons of fun!

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