Howdy, Parter – Here’s a Gift Idea: the Pourover Holster!

We love cool (and beautiful) coffee gadgets, here’s a new handmade one to add to your wish list: the Pourover Holster from DoubleShot Coffee Company!

In the US, the day after Thanksgiving, that is to say today, means long lines at stores and madness as people try to find great deals on Black Friday. But we’ve got something right here that’s pretty awesome, and you don’t even need to leave your house to get it! (And though it’s recommended use is on the road or out of doors, there’s no one stopping you from using it in your own home or whoever the buffalo roam!) DoubleShot’s roaster, Brian Franklin, the man who crafts these awesome wares, contacted us recently to tell us about his pourover holster, and what can we say? It’s pretty dang awesome!

Brian says, “I’m always coming up with new ways to make coffee more conveniently when I travel, and this is the culmination of my quest to create an easy-to-carry pourover unit. I’ve tested this over and over again, and it works like a champ. It’s the DoubleShot Pourover Holster. And here’s how it works… The leather holster lays flat when not in use, and slips easily into your bag or purse or man purse or saddlebag.”

pourover holster
The Pourover Holster lies flat to make packing easier.

“The insert is laminated copper, which is plastic on the outside and copper on the inside, so your coffee never comes in contact with plastic or leather, only paper and copper. Since the copper insert is laminated, it’s durable and resilient and can be folded flat to slip into your bag with the holster. In order to keep the holster up off the coffee, you’ll use the mini horseshoe included in the kit. It comes with its own little velvet pouch to keep it from scratching up your phone.”

pourover holster
The holster’s copper liner is durable, practical and beautiful! And look at that it comes with a horseshoe stand!


“So all you do is put the horseshoe on top of the cup, snap the holster into a cone, expand and place the copper insert inside the holster Then put in your paper Hario filter and you’re off to the races. Hand grind some coffee. Heat up some water. Pour over. Enjoy. Yeehaw. (BTW, this is hand-made by me – your roastmaster, Brian – with a little help from a laser cutter, a hammer, and a few other precision instruments.)”

pourover holster
Brew on the range or wherever you may roam!

The holster retails for $75, and you can order your own right here!


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