Barista & Farmer – Part 2! Who Will Go to Honduras?

More than 200 people applied, and now 46 candidates remain. Who will make the cut for Barista & Farmer 2015? You decide!

Last year 15 lucky Italian baristas had the experience of a lifetime living and working on a coffee farm in Puerto Rico with Barista & Farmer. (You can see our coverage of the event here.) This year the reality show  moves to Honduras, and the baristas can come from anywhere.

Barista & Farmer
Francesco Sanopo and Rebecca Atienza the two masterminds behind Barista & Farmer enjoy coffee among the coffee plants searching for sites for this year’s event in Honduras.

When the process opened, the applications came pouring in. They came from every continent and from countries around the globe: New Zealand, Argentina, Australia, Taiwan, just to name a few, all for a chance to experience coffee farming firsthand.

Created by coffee lover and three-time Italian barista champion Francesco Sanapo, in collaboration with Rimini Fiera, the event will take place in February (1st-10th) 2015 in Honduras where the participants will experience life, and work, on different farms in the Copán region.

From the moment they wake up (at dawn) until the final goodnight at the finca, they will be followed by cameras 24 hours a day. While the baristas complete coffee challenges, they’ll also take educational classes at the Coffee Academy of Barista & Farmer, have latte art challenges between international and Honduran baristas, and there’ll even be a football match which will pit producers and baristas against each other for soccer’s greatest glory, or at least some fun bragging rights.

Barista & Farmer
Francesco Sanopo tours farms for the upcoming edition of Barista & Farmer in Honduras.

The participants will experience a competition which will include every phase of the coffee’s process of transformation, from the nursery to the harvest, from the picking of the fruits to their roasting, to the brewing and extraction of the ultimate cup. Every day, pratice in the finca will be followed by classes held by some of the best professionals in their fields, covering several subjects like the different botanical varieties of Arabica or the history and definition of espresso.

So the question is, which baristas would you bring with you?

Until Saturday 18th of January 2015 you can vote online, for free, your favorite barista’s video on

Really, you can make a difference! All of these baristas are hoping that you will watch their videos and vote for them, so please, take a few minutes and send someone on a coffee trip of a lifetime by voting right here:

The team of the 10 finalists will be announced  during  Sigep at Rimini January 17th -21st.

And then, let the adventure begin!

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