Happy Humpday Giveaway & Earth Day From Espresso Parts & Us!


It's Earth Day, Humpday and Springtime! Hurray!
It’s Earth Day, Humpday and Springtime! Hurray!

I don’t know about your cities, but here in Portland, Ore., spring has arrived, hooray! It’s almost as if it waited for Earth Day ”which was Monday ”to settle in fully. As I type this, the birds are fluttering around outside my office window, darting past my frustrated cat on their way to the bird feeders, and the new leaves on the trees are rustling in a soft breeze. It’s SO FREAKIN GREAT. So happy Earth Day, everyone! And of course, Happy Humpday!

Hope you’re as thrilled that it’s here as we are! Our friends at Espresso Parts gave us the perfect way to celebrate our planet this week with you: some amazing earth-friendly products that are the prizes for this week’s Humpday Giveaway Contest! Check this shizz out:

Pretty rockin’, don’t you think? I mean, can’t you just picture yourself in that superfly tshirt, riding your bike in the sunshine, slugging cold water from your new bottle? I can totally picture you, and that’s a fact. So you know how this thing goes: below is a question, the answer to which can be found in the latest issue of Barista Magazine. And never fear, you can play along even if you don’t have a hard copy subscription! Just flip through the magazine online by going HERE.

Everyone who gets the answer right will be entered into a drawing, and tomorrow morning around 10 a.m. PDT, we’ll announce the winner! Then I’ll contact that person to get his/her mailing address and tshirt size, and the awesome folks at Espresso Parts will mail them their prize! Simple as that!

They really, really rock, don't you agree?
They really, really rock, don’t you agree?

The only rules are: 1) You must enter your answer in the blog comments section below; 2) You must provide your first and last names (so we know who’s the winner, duh), and 3) You have to submit your answer before midnight PDT! And so, without further ado…


Think you know the answer? Then type it in already! And be sure to check back tomorrow morning to find out if you’re this week’s winner of Barista Magazine’s Humpday Giveaway! Thanks for playing!

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  1. Fairtrade Labelling Organizations International (FLO), which then changed names to Fairtrade International in 2010.

  2. Fairtrade Labelling Organizations International

    Which split on 2004 to form Fairtrade International, and FLO-CERT.

    -Eng Kit, Goh

  3. The first attempts to commercialize fair trade goods in Northern markets were initiated in the 1940s and 1950s by religious groups and various politically oriented non-governmental organizations (NGOs). Ten Thousand Villages, an NGO within the Mennonite Central Committee (MCC) and SERRV International were the first, in 1946 and 1949 respectively, to develop fair trade supply chains in developing countries.

  4. Max Havelaar, a fictional label name which was the brainchild of the Dutch agency Solidaridad.

    – Yuri Brizuela

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