Happy birthday, Ken!

Today, November 2, is Ken’s birthday! I got up early and decorated the house in purple and gold crepe paper — for the Huskies, of course. We’re working for the morning and then Ken’s folks — my new parents in law — are coming to take us out to lunch. Then we’re doing whatever Ken wants for the afternoon — motorcycle ride? Zoo? Movie? It’s up to him. He was sleepy when I gave him his first birthday present this morning: a custom painted mug for the UW Huskies. Last Friday, my friend, Clara, and I went to a place called Ready, Paint, Fire! in the Pearl where you can not only custom-paint pottery, but enjoy a beer or glass of wine while you do it! Being the accomplished artist that she is, Clara did the hard stuff and I colored it all in.


It’s gonna be a great day! TGIF, everyone!