Hail to The Pete!

Congratulations to Kaldi’s Coffee, the outstanding host of the Midwest Regional Barista Competition, held in Saint Louis, Missouri, February 8 “10. According the Michelle Campbell of the SCAA, Kaldi’s did a phenomenal job organizing and implementing this long-running competition. Bravo, Kaldi’s!


Congratulations to first-place winner, Pete Licata of PT’s! Now a two-time MWRBC winner, Pete took second place at the United States Barista Championship in 2007, and accompanied his pal, USBC champ Heather Perry to Tokyo where she competed in the World Barista Championship. With all that experience and knowledge, Pete is sure to be a top contender at the 2008 USBC in May in Minneapolis!


Pete used some gorgeous glasses for his sig drinks. Check it out:


Pete was joined in the winners circle by Kaldi’s own Alex McCracken. Alex is another seasoned barista competitor, and we look forward to seeing him in Minneapolis, as well.


For the second year in a row, Robin Seitz of PT’s secured a spot in the top three: last year, Robin won the competition, and this year he took third. Way to go, Robin, and looking forward to seeing you in Minneapolis, too!


Our dear old friend, Amanda Wilson (Barista Mag’s first art director) took a break from her intense schedule as a graduate student in Missouri to attend the competition, and she was nice enough to share these photos. Thanks, Amanda!!