Good Morning, Day 2!

The sun’s back today, and it’s downright gorgeous outside but hey, guess what? It’s muggy as ever inside the convention space. Still, no one seems to mind because excitement levels are so high.


Today will be a big day with some heavy hitter competitors, including Australia, Mexico, the U.S. , and many more. Speaking of the U.S., Kyle Glanville is cool as the proverbial cucumber, chillin to some bumpin beats and all smiles.


Yesterday was a long day for everyone, but at least some people, ahem, Emily and Brent, seem totally recovered:


Nik Orosi of Croatia is lamenting missing his son’s seventh birthday today, but he’s full of energy for his performance today nonetheless.


More smiles from Luis Lopez Flores of Nicaragua, who was ready to go at 5 a.m. when he knocked on Roukiat’s hotel door ready to roll. She told him to go back to bed!


Team Poland is rallying behind national champion Slawomir Saran:


And finally, crowd favorite from Tokyo, Francis Njobvu of Zambia is back and ready to close out the day with his signature style and grace.


It’s going to be an incredible day!!

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