Give Some Get Some with Barista Magazine—July 17, 2020 Edition

Want to learn how to roast? How about a free 50-pound box of Guatemala Ceiba? Ally Coffee has you covered!


We’re thrilled to feature some very cool prizes for the latest installment of Barista Magazine’s Give Some Get Some promotion, which launches today and will accept entries through July 24!

For those not in the know: Our Give Some Get Some campaign is a means of supporting  the folx who need help the most right now in the time of COVID-19 and the ongoing and important fight for racial and social justice.


• Make a donation of any amount to the Black Lives Matter movement or Black community support organization of your choice, OR the LGBTQI+ advocacy group of your choice, OR an immigrant activism alliance, OR the health-care workers fund of your choice, OR  the food bank of your choice, OR the virtual tipjar of your choice!

• Tell us about it in the comments below: For example, “I donated $25 to The Loveland Foundation!”

• That’s it! You’re entered to win the amazing prize we’ll be giving away at the end of this promotion.

Now, let’s talk about that prize: To celebrate the launch of their cool new website, Ally OpenAlly Coffee is donating a pretty spectacular opportunity for the winner.

The homepage of the new Ally Open website is a portal to opportunities for education from some of the best in the business; engagement with the coffee community; and the purchase of small boxes of exceptional coffees.

—Valued at $195, a three-part, self-paced online course with roasting educator extraordinaire Rob Hoos called The Essential Coffee Roasting Course. The course includes 14 instructional videos, a 125-page companion workbook with in-depth material about roasting concepts; essential reading information; and downloadable activities, charts, checklists, and forms to get you started running a safe and compliant operation. More info about the course can be found here.

But wait, there’s more! The online course is available to the winner no matter where in the world they live (as long as they have a valid email address to create an account on the video streaming platform)! So if you live outside of the U.S., you’re totally eligible to win this!

No matter where in the world you live, you could win a three-part online session with Rob Hoos called The Essential Coffee Roasting Course, which includes a workbook, tools for your own roasting operation, and 14 instructional videos.

As for folx from the U.S. entering, you could win your choice of the Rob Hoos course OR a box of specialty green coffee (sorry, international entrants, but Ally isn’t able to ship this prize option outside of the U.S.). Besides offering awesome educational opportunities, Ally Open is a platform for selling small boxes of green coffee in both 25- and 50-pound sizes.

—Valued at $199.50, the 50-pound box that Ally is so generously offering as a prize option should the winner hail from the U.S. is Ally’s Core Coffee from Guatemala, which is named for the country’s national tree, the Ceiba. This Ceiba lot from Huehuetenango is a community coffee from a large group of producers. “The cup profile boasts a rich floral and berry aroma and is full of chocolate, lemon, and raspberry, with a creamy body thanks to the specific Huehuetenango terroir,” reads the description at Ally Open.

Entrants in the Give Some Get Some promo this week could win this 50-pound box of a beautiful coffee from the Huehuetenango area of Guatemala.

But wait, there’s even more! To celebrate this Give Some Get Some campaign, Ally Coffee is running a 10% discount on all green coffee now through the end of July! Holy moly, that’s amazing! All you have to do is use the discount code GIVEGET to receive 10% off all green coffee on the site through the end of July!

“We’re excited to introduce Ally Open to the coffee community,” says Ricardo Pereira, Ally’s chief operations officer. “We want to reach coffee professionals who are interested in online learning and resources, as well as start-up roasting businesses and small companies who may not have the means or desire to commit to full bag purchases. With the impact of COVID-19, we hope this will make purchasing green coffee more accessible to business owners.”

So make those donations, tell us about it in the comments, and you’ll be one step closer to winning one of these incredible prizes from our friends at Ally Coffee!

Entries accepted from 8:00 AM PDT, July 17, 2020 through 11:59PM PDT, July 24, 2020. No purchase necessary to enter. Please limit entries to one per person.

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  1. We (my wife and I) donated $50 to Black Lives Matter and $25 to the Therapy Fund for Black Women and Girls. The coffee company we own has donated $304 to the Marsha P. Johnson Foundation and $280 to the Bail Project.

  2. I donated $100 to Black Leaders Organizing for Communities (BLOC) in Milwaukee, WI. ??

  3. I donated to Baltimore Safe Haven, a non-profit organization providing opportunities for a higher quality of life for transgender people in Baltimore City, MD.

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