The Flask: A New Brewer from Alpha Dominche

Alpha Dominche, the folks that brought you the Steampunk, unveil the FLASK, a new coffee brewer that combines the best elements of the Steampunk and delivers them in a device for home use.


Cover photo courtesy of Alpha Dominche

In 2012, Alpha Dominche, a design and technology company headquartered in Brooklyn, N.Y., launched the Steampunk, a commercial coffee brewer that could mimic a number of brewing methods. If you wanted a coffee with the clean-ness and delicate flavor of a V60, you had it. One that had the weight and texture of a French press? Switch out a filter and set your brew time longer, and there it was. Now, the folks who brought you the Steampunk are unveiling their first brewer for home use, the FLASK. Alpha Dominche will launch a Kickstarter for the brewer early this year.

The FLASK borrows some of the design and brewing elements that make the Steampunk so popular in cafés all across the country, such as providing users with a full-immersion brewing experience while ensuring that no grounds end up in the final cup, all in a beautifully designed glass carafe. The brewer can be used with metal or paper filters, with tea or coffee, and implements an innovative brew valve mechanism that ensures your final brew is free of coffee grounds or tea leaves and stops extraction when you want. The FLASK is visually appealing, easy to use, and simple to clean.

The FLASK is designed to give users the quality and experience of drinking coffee made on a Steampunk but in their own homes. This is the first product Alpha Dominche has designed for consumer use.

“We work hard each day to design innovative products for coffee and tea lovers that are beautiful to look at, easy to use, and made to brew the best cup. I feel that we have combined all of these qualities in the FLASK brewer,” says Thomas Perez, CEO of Alpha Dominche. “We are very excited to be entering into the consumer market, and look forward to developing more innovative products for home and commercial users around the world.”

You can order the FLASK on Kickstarter in a few weeks—to keep posted on this campaign, sign up for Alpha Dominche’s email list here. And if you want to see a Steampunk in action and live in New York, check out Alpha Dominche’s retail café, Extraction Lab, in Brooklyn.

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