Five (More) Interesting Coffee Blogs Worth Exploring

We look at several more of the dozens of coffee blogs out there dedicated to the pursuit of a great brew.


Online coffee culture reflects the enormous diversity of the trade. Coffee and the projects around it are an enriching source for writers.

Blogs provide unique ways to rethink and connect with different experiences, knowledge, and perspectives about coffee. Whether the content is about cryptic coffee geekiness, refined taste reflections, or simple worship of coffee culture, we connect with similar yet different minds.

Recently we featured five of the many coffee blogs available online, and here are five more worth checking out.

Coffee Geek

In 2001, coffee geeks became more visible thanks to Coffee Geek, which was part-magazine, part-blog, and part-online community.

Undoubtedly, the Coffee Geek online forums were a great way to start nerding out about coffee. Over time, the site has performed several updates and is now full of knowledgeable resources, tricks, tips, and recommendations to get great espresso and brewed coffee at home.

Additionally, as its name suggests, the blog offers interesting insights into coffee culture, ethics, technology, and anything around coffee.

Tanya and Endri run Coffee Insurrection together. Photo courtesy of Coffee Insurrection.

Coffee Insurrection

Endri and Tanya (a Barista Magazine Online contributor) started Coffee Insurrection to strengthen the specialty-coffee community worldwide—or, as they say, to provide a useful tool to their coffee tribe. Coffee Insurrection features interesting barista interviews, guides, and an impressive directory of specialty-coffee roasters and cafés.

Ales and Radek run European Coffee Trip together. Photo courtesy of European Coffee Trip.

European Coffee Trip

European Coffee Trip is a window to café-hopping culture, as much as it opens our eyes to curious facts and stories about coffee in Europe.

Founders Alex and Radek’s visits to cafés and coffee companies are very interesting and engaging. Furthermore, it’s worth paying attention to their well-researched articles on coffee culture and history.

It’s a great site to check frequently. The blog has been publishing new content every week for years. It features appealing stories from charming cafés, skilled baristas, and interesting facts about coffee. Plus, they developed a mobile app for café hoppers in Europe and have an expansive YouTube channel.

The Coffeetographer

Chérmelle Edwards has been running The Coffeetographer for more than 10 years. It’s perfect for those looking for a unique view of coffee culture through an artistic lens.

Described as a webzine, it’s an appealing proposal for people who enjoy the visual aesthetics of specialty coffee. Additionally, The Coffeetographer features the overlap, or unique connection, between specialty coffee and art.

The site helps to find inspiration, challenge widely held assumptions about specialty coffee, or connect with its stimulating approach.

Kenneth Davis, Coffee Review editor and co-founder, in the Coffee Review lab. Photo courtesy of Coffee Review.

Coffee Review

Few site names speak so loud for themselves. This isn’t the case for Coffee Review, one of the most serious sites available to explore reviews of coffee-related products, from exquisite coffee beans to home equipment.

Still, if anything makes this site unique, it is that it features rankings and scores for coffee beans across all continents and almost every region in the most relevant producing countries.

It’s a useful site to learn more about coffee scorings and tastings and find helpful insights about high-quality coffee.


Yker Valerio (he/him) is a freelance content creator. After more than 10 years of working as a management consultant, he started the blog Bon Vivant Caffè to share his passion for specialty coffee.

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