Five Inspiring Latte Art Instagram Accounts

These unique Instagram latte art accounts will motivate you to “pour your heart out.“


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As fleeting as latte art design is, it has passed through one innovative phase after another since its emergence on the specialty-coffee scene over a decade ago. From being dismissed as a passing fad to becoming a focal point of coffee festivals and expositions worldwide, latte art is a unique art form that is continuously relevant in specialty coffee.

Produced in unimaginable numbers in cafés on a daily basis, latte art provides a fountain of inspiration to coffee lovers and gives baristas a platform to shine a light on their creative abilities. While high-quality coffee and prices can sometimes be a difficult thing to communicate to guests, latte art also elevates a drink without having those important conversations (which may extend past the length of a transaction on a busy day).

Despite the pandemic’s impact on this art form, or lack thereof we should say, an outlet for latte art continues to be social media. Giants like Instagram and TikTok continue to be spaces where coffee professionals and consumers flock to create content for the communities they once inhabited in person.

So, if you want to catch a glimpse at how latte artists have kept up their skills on Instagram, it’s time to start scrolling. The following five accounts are just a sampling that reflects the vast range of intentions and styles of latte art on Instagram, but you can easily find plenty more latte artists to follow.

@barista_jennyyeah showcases not just latte art but also life at Bear Pine Coffee.


@barista_jennyeah rocks latte art with skillful designs and a level of craftsmanship that leaves her 111,000 Instagram followers in awe. Her Instagram account gives us plenty of latte art videos, but it also provides fans with great photos of café life at Bear Pine Coffee. Even better, her followers get a small glimpse into the life of a busy coffee professional on the island of Jeju-Do, South Korea, which gives viewers an irrevocable feeling that the latte art life is a good one.

The soundtrack to @latteartshow’s videos is laid-back.


The @latteartshow account is all about free pour videos, wonderfully curated and set to a soundtrack that beckons the spirit with a laid-back vibe, ranging from soulful hip hop to funky jazz ensembles. The energy put forth by this master content creator is enough to make you want to throw back a couple of cappuccinos as you search the streets of London for just the right night club after visiting The Service Cafe.

@baristadaz works with a variety of coffee equipment for his latte art.


@baristadaz is in it for the love of the latte art game. This phenomenon of a barista does it right with a lighthearted approach and a bounty of latte art videos. If you are a seasoned professional or just arriving on the scene, check out the bevy of cutting-edge equipment featured in these cool videos. This barista has the tools of the trade and is not afraid to use them. Great music, lots of fun, and—you guessed it—an eye-catching display of latte art.

@latteartcity is nothing but good old-fashioned artistry.


@latteartcity takes latte art design tutorials to the next level and then some. Scroll their Instagram page and you’re sure to be wowed by the degree to which frothed milk can become a canvas for some mind-blowing art. There is a level of cuteness co-existing alongside good, old-fashioned artistry that goes unrivaled on this Instagram. In the end, followers are not exactly sure if these beautiful art works are worth destroying for the sake of accompanying a pastry.

Manuela Fensore is a renowned latte art champ.

Manuela Fensore 

@manuel_fensore_official gives her followers exactly what they would expect from the heart of a champion, literally and metaphorically. A high level of excitement drives the content on this Instagram. It also gives us an insider’s view into the world of latte art competitions—check out the video of Manuela winning the 2019 World Latte Art Championship on this feed. Viewers will also find a stunning array of latte art photos that showcase a level of artistry seldom achieved across Instagram or any other platform.


Eddie P. Gomez (he/him) is a freelance writer based in Modesto, Calif. When he is not substitute teaching kindergarten classes, he wanders from city to city, perfecting the art of the food and coffee adventure.

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