Drinks from the Crypt, Part Three: The Reckoning

A close-up of a black cat's face with glowing yellow eyes. In swirly spooky text at the top it reads Drinks From the Crypt. Underneath the cat it reads Reanimated in bold embossed gothic font.

Back from the grave, and in honor of the day, we bring you more spooky drinks for a haunted Halloween.


Featured photo by Akin Cakiner via Unsplash

Trick or treat, my sweets! It is All Hallow’s Eve, the night of the infernal nocturnal feast. Just when you thought “Drinks From the Crypt“ might finally be laid to rest, its eerie shadow emerges from the coffin. Whether you gather above or below ground this season, prepare to be tantalized by treats from beyond this mortal realm.

An iced coffee drink with foam on top of red "blood" sauce sits on a wooden tabletop. The profile of Michael Myers of the Halloween movie franchise is dusted on top in charcoal.
The Halloween Ends-themed Iced Black Mocha from Deadly Grounds in Canada. Photo courtesy of Brad Mavin.

Halloween Ends Iced Black Mocha

Deadly Grounds Coffee in Canada is a horror-themed coffee shop notable for its spooky coffee blends and its company car: a hearse. “Probably our most unique creation this year was a beverage we created as a partnership with Universal Pictures and the Halloween Ends movie,“ says Deadly Grounds’ Brad Mavin. “Our Halloween Ends Iced Black Mocha combines black cocoa, white chocolate, espresso, and house-made raspberry coulis, and is topped with sweet cold foam.” Michael Myers would approve if he weren’t too busy chasing Laurie Strode.

In the background sits a skull on a white countertop. In the foreground is an iced apple cider drink with a metal straw and a floating eye ball on top.
The Iced Cauldron Bubble at Coffee Beer in Portland, Ore. Photo courtesy of Nik Scheuermann.

Cauldron Bubble

Portland, Ore.’s Coffee Beer never shies away from a spooky time: They have a resident skeleton year-round. This year’s extensive fall menu includes the iced Cauldron Bubble, conjured up by bar manager Nik Scheuermann. It starts with apple cider, orange bitters, and soda. A splash of cardamom syrup rounds out this concoction, reminiscent of haunted orchards and grisly tales by a bonfire.

A red velvet iced coffee drink that looks like blood with sweet cream topping and "blood" sprinkle.
The Bloody Velvet CB at XO Coffee Shop. Photo courtesy of Barythaya Lunsford.

Bloody Velvet CB

Perhaps a luxurious bath in the blood of your enemies is what your calloused heart craves? Never fear. The Bloody Velvet from XO Coffee Shop in Kissimmee, Fla., is here to satisfy. The pros at XO top this chilly red velvet cold brew base with a decadent cream cheese foam, perfect for an evening of opulence.

A hand holds up an iced mocha drink in front of the black and white horror themed wall at Horror Vibes Coffee. There is a red light bulb and scary zombie mask in the background.
The Scissorhands, a hazelnut mocha. Photo courtesy of Horror Vibes Coffee.


Hollywood, Calif., is home to many creature features and Horror Vibes Coffee. (L.A. locals will be pleased to know there is a second sinister location in NoHo.) Horror art, haunted dolls, and movie character-inspired drinks make this a can’t-miss spot for those of the spooky persuasion. Inspired by the question, “What would Edward drink?“ the Scissorhands latte is made with chocolate and hazelnut, topped with chocolate drizzle. This is the most requested menu item at Horror Vibes, even for people with human hands.

Close up of the top of an iced latte with "blood splatter" dark chocolate drizzle and tiny candy eyeballs on top.
The Terror-Me-Sue Latte at Southeastern Roastery in Baltimore. Photo courtesy of Southeastern Roastery.

Terror-Me-Sue Latte

Sometimes when you stare too long into the void of your coffee drink, the void stares back. The Terror-Me-Sue at Southeastern Roastery in Baltimore “is a tiramisu latte with a pumpkin spice twist,“ says lead roaster and shop owner Candy Schibli—a delicious spin on a spooky classic.

Until next year, ghouls and goblins, make merry and drink up these drinks from the crypt! And don’t forget to check your kids’ Halloween candy; I found a whole pumpkin spiced latte inside a king-size candy bar.


J. Marie Carlan (she/they) is the online editor for Barista Magazine. She’s been a barista for over a decade and writing since she was old enough to hold a pencil. When she’s not behind the espresso bar or toiling over content, you can find her perusing record stores, collecting bric-a-brac, writing poetry, and trying to keep the plants alive in her Denver apartment. She occasionally updates her blog.