Dr. Todd Whiskers

Happy Thanksgiving, everybody! Both yesterday and today have been absolutely beautiful Portland fall days: bright sunshine, oh-so-crisp air. I just got back from taking the dog to play tennis ball at the park, and now we’re both warming up from the briskness.


Ken and I spent Thanksgiving day at his brother Mike’s house, with our sister-in-law Kristi, nephews Josh and Jack, and Mike and Ken’s folks, Janie and Bruce. We had awesome food and a lot of laughs, many surrounding our new fictional cat friend, Dr. Todd Whiskers. See, as Ken and I were driving to Mike and Kristi’s house, we saw an apartment complex called Todd Village. The ensuing conversation went like this:

Sarah, pointing to Todd Village: “If my name were Todd, I’d totally want to live there.

Ken: “Your name can’t be Todd.”

Sarah: “Fine, then I’ll name our next cat Todd.”

Ken: “Why would we name our next cat Todd?”

Sarah: “It’s better than Mr. Whiskers, isn’t it?”

Ken: “Who’s Mr. Whiskers?”

Sarah: “Well, that could easily be our next cat’s name, right? Or we could call him Mr. Todd Whiskers.”

Ken: (Silence)

Sarah: “Wait, how about DOCTOR Todd Whiskers? That sounds way better. Paging Dr. Whiskers! Dr. Todd Whiskers! See?”

And so, the vision for Dr. Todd Whiskers was born. I think he’d look something like this:


And his patients could be cats like this:


Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!


  1. Sarah… you think just like me…. my kitties are Cleopatra Princess, and Zambucca Porkchops.


  2. Hot damn! That is one large animal. I’m glad to know that I’m in good company in the “being so absurd that the other parties involved in the conversation are speechless” field.

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