Day #2 of the NBC Begins!

This amazing weather is holding, somehow, and we’re loving it ”at least when we get out of the big lecture room, where we have been, for the second day in a row, enjoying a variety of lectures and activities. That’s better than sunshine, don’t you think?

Here's a great first-thing-in-the-morning sight: Willy of S&H preparing espresso on the Dalla Corte. Dalla Corte is the NBC espresso machine sponsor. Good morning, Willy!

As Zachary and I were walking in the building this morning, we saw the strangest thing: blindfolded baristas sniffing from little tins being held out by Sonja.

Sonja with Team Denmark.

Team members were to sniff various substances in little canisters ”5 at a time ”commit their identification to memory, and then write them down.

Team Sweden
Team Iceland

At the end of the session, it was announced that Team Denmark had the highest scores!

The judges reveal their scores, and Team Denmark is the winner!
Teams congratulate each other.
Team Denmark receives the winning buttons, which they may keep until another team wins a competition.
Meanwhile, upstairs, the volunteers were being prepped for the day's activities by Tone, Tim and Jens.
Downstairs in the cafe area, attendees began their day with pastries, an amazing Yirg from S&H, and conversation.

And then the Nordic Barista Cup, day 2, officially commenced. After a brief introduction, Tim Wendelboe took the stage with a lecture on roasting profiles and maintaining quality. He was engaging, funny and very informative ”do look at the video of the lecture online when Zachary is able to post it.

Tim Wendelboe.
Tim makes a point.

Tim’s lecture included a ton of information about roasting profiles, light to dark. His lecture was followed by a cupping of one coffee roasted four different ways, from light to dark, and attendees as well as the teams were to cup them and compare, take notes about their impressions, etc.

George and Jens at the cupping.
Rodrigo from Colombia during the cupping.
Members of the NBC Boy Band ”Charles, Klaus, Ben, Tim, Per ”cup.
Tumi from Team Iceland carefully marking down his impressions.
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