Day 2 – Competitors 24-31


James Hoffmann, barista champion of the United Kingdom, was the first competitor of the day. His microphone didn’t work. One of the burners on his table didn’t work. He noticed that at about the 12 minute mark. Oh, and a couple of his shots for his caps didn’t pour the way he wanted them to. Naturally he was unflappable through the entire routine and managed to put on a great performance. One of the best of the day.


Scott Callahan, the barista champion of Australia, had a vocal contingent of supporters urging him on. He said, “A major part of the human experience is to explore the full range of senses – to hear, to smell, to feel, to taste. It is my passion for the senses that brings me here today.”


Jose Miguel Coto, the three time barista champion of Costa Rica, in the words of Nick Cho, the event Master of Ceremonies, was as lively and bright a barista as a typical Costa Rican coffee. It’s true.


Estonian barista champion, Helger Aava, brought an artistic flair to his performance. “Art is music,” he said. “Art is dancing. Art is life, love and coffee.”


Japanese barista champion, Miyuki Miyamae, put on a truly dazzling performance for her legions of fans. There wasn’t enough room in the Big Sight, it seems, to fit all of the people who wanted to see her routine. They should head over to zacharyzachary and watch it on video. Unless they’re free tomorrow.


Silvia Magalhaes, barista champion from Brazil, delivered a high-quality routine, featuring coffees from her home country. Her signature drink was called Black Gold because the first important resource in Brazil was gold, and now it’s coffee.


French barista champion, Omri Kenan, was the first barista to represent a country which has its own roast named after it! “I feel very proud to be here,” he said, “and I’m honored to be among such baristas. I hope I can be here again and again and again.”


Ingibjorg Jon Sigurdardottir, the barista champion from Iceland, followed up last year’s WBC finals trip in Bern, and her recent turn on the cover of Barista Magazine (yes, that’s a shameless plug), with another graceful performance at the WBC.