Crawling forth in 2010…

Well, we’re off to a slow start in coffee news in 2010, which makes sense when you consider how cold most of us are (except you, Australia and New Zealand. Stop rubbing our freezing noses in it). But there are a few things happening of note in the world of coffee that we wanted to make sure you knew about! So check it…

THE SPRUDGE REPORT HAS AN AWESOME NEW DESIGN! Jordan and Zachary, the cunning masterminds behind The Sprudge Report, have redesigned their bitchen coffee news and sass website. Check it out!

OH, AND DID WE MENTION BARISTA MAGAZINE WON A SPRUDGIE? That’s right. We got Best Magazine of 2009. Other winners: Best Cafe: Four Barrel in San Francisco. Best Roaster: Stumptown. Best Video Blog: Tamper Tantrum. And much more!

TAMPTAMP PUBLISHES TOP 9 NYC CAFE LIST, WITH HANDY WALKING TOUR GUIDE! Anne emailed me the link to TampTamp’s blog post on the top nine cafes as determined by her and her partner, Neil. Check it out before you head East for Coffee Fest in March!

GWILYM’S DISLOYALTY CARD: James posted about this on his blog, and we thought it was bloody brilliant, those lovable Brits! Gwilym made up a card with a bunch of London cafes on it. You’re to take the card around to the cafes and enjoy a drink. Once all locations on the card have been visited, you bring the card back to Gwilym, and he gives you a drink for free! What’s in it for Gwilym? Nothing but the joy of seeing coffee lovers explore their espresso horizons.

GEARING UP FOR THE SOUTH CENTRAL REGIONAL BARISTA COMPETITION! Yeehaw! It all starts on January 7 (that’s TOMORROW, people) and runs through Sunday.

Wow, that IS a lot of news. Now I’m exhausted and have to go see “Avatar.” See ya!

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