#coffeetoo Comes to Cincinnati

#coffeetoo comes to Cincinnati to host a coffee talk with Christina Snyder of Deeper Roots Coffee on discrimination and harassment in the coffee industry.


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In partnership with Deeper Roots, #coffeetoo will host a discussion on harassment and discrimination in Cincinnati on November 6. #coffeetoo founder Molly Flynn will chat with Christina Snyder, roaster for Deeper Roots Coffee, and together they hope to highlight the issues facing baristas from marginalized communities in the Cincinnati area.

“I am honored to bring a bit of the #coffeetoo conversation to the Midwest, a part of the country with a magnificent coffee community,” shares Molly. Molly hopes to create an open forum for folks to discuss how they experience harassment and discrimination as coffee professionals: “We will be meeting for coffee provided by Deeper Roots and will discuss the experiences of discrimination and harassment the local community has faced. We’ll also be covering solutions that individuals and businesses can implement to fight these issues.”

Molly Flynn and Christina Snyder will talk about discrimination and harassment in the industry over free coffee provided by Deeper Roots.

Along with fostering important discussions, the event also aims to bring together members of the larger Cincinnati barista community. “I am very excited that Deeper Roots Coffee and #coffeetoo have this wonderful opportunity to bring the Cincinnati coffee community together,” Christina shares. “This event will provide a space for meaningful dialogue on issues of harassment and discrimination within our industry. When we honor the experiences of underrepresented individuals in our community, we take the first steps towards applicable change for us all. Our hope is to uphold the voices of marginalized groups and continue to fight for their rightful place in the coffee world.”

In the face of recent legislation and upcoming midterm elections, Molly notes that this discussion is incredibly timely and necessary. “In a time when we are facing the attempted erasure of a vital people group, we need to stand together and fight for each other in every way we can. We hope to provide an outlet for people to share what they’re going through, to answer burning questions, and to provide practical solutions.”

The event will take place Tuesday, November 6, at Deeper Roots Coffee in Cincinnati from 6 to 7 p.m. It is free and open to all members of the coffee community.

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