Chris Owens to Roast Coffee @ Joshua Tree with Lightning Records

I couldn’t be more inspired by the innovative and uber creative means by which the best artists and thinkers of our generation are going about putting their work out into the world. The Lightning Records and the Lightning 20 Artist Series are prime examples of this: In January, musician Seth Olinsky of Akron/Family [we at Barista Mag LOVE A/F] and conceptional artist Ali Beletic reached double the amount of money they hoped to raise on their Kickstarter campaign toward funding these projects:devotees to their amazing idea raised more than $22K.

Lightning Records is a label venture “in the spirit of cross-pollinating ideas and subcultural fun creating a community with a focus primarily on experience and the social exchange in music,” they say. “We are collaborating with musicians, adventurers, surfers, dirtbike enthusiasts and builders, race car enthusiasts, premier coffee roasters, fashion and product designers to build a community of like minded individuals who are interested in the social experience of contributing to different events and products that will go to support these cultures we love.”

What a radical idea! It comes as no surprise that Chris Owens, formerly of Handsome Coffee and now of Hilux Coffee, is involved ”no surprise because he’s crazy talented the way Seth and Ali are, and he’s also an old friend of Akron/Family.

I got this email from Chris today about his collaboration with Lightning:“Lightning has put together their first Lightning event out in Pioneertown/Joshua Tree in conjunction with High Desert Test Sites. We have conspired to drag generators out into a 100 acre parcel of desert to set up a roaster and coffee shop for the weekend. [FREAKIN AMAZING]. We will hang, we will stage earth art fun… Come join and hang for the weekend. invite friends. Grab one of the many awesome and cheap Joshua Tree air bnbs and make a weekend of it!”

Lightning001-invite smallIf you are anywhere in the vicinity of Joshua Tree, I urge, URGE you to find a way to this spot. It’ll be some pretty awesome art/coffee the kind of which we’ve never seen before. Serious history making.

Here’s more info.

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