Campaign Aims for a Better World Through Nourishment

Pacific Foods, creator of the Barista Series line, is touring the country with its Nourish Every Body campaign that fights food insecurity and promotes the availability of healthy food.


In a time when violent crimes are more than a rare occurrence, natural disasters threaten us almost daily, and political divisions are more entrenched than ever, it can be exhausting to engage in the modern world.

Fortunately there is still genuine good to be found in our current existence, from the kindness and meaning in friendships to the gestures of people and companies working to improve the world. One such instance can be found in the Nourish Every Body campaign from Pacific Foods, devoted to fighting food insecurity and providing access to delicious and healthy foods.

The Nourish Every Body campaign aims to fight food insecurity and provide healthy food to people in need.

Pacific Foods is best known in the specialty-coffee community for its Barista Series line of nondairy products. With Nourish Every Body, the company is promoting its commitment to growing and promoting healthy, sustainable foods. The campaign also showcases the work Pacific has long done to to help feed the community, including partnering with the Oregon Food Bank for over two decades to provide more than 9 million meals to food-insecure families. (This work is highlighted in a video Pacific recently released.)

Pacific Foods is known in the barista community for its dairy-free milks, and hopes to promote sustainable options to feed communities.

More recently—about five years ago—Pacific launched a school feeding initiative that now donates hundreds of thousands of meals to children annually. The company also launched a program in which farmers’ surplus crops are used to make healthy soups at Pacific, which are donated to the Oregon Food Bank. Pacific says this program has saved over 200,000 pounds of raw ingredients from being wasted. “We create unique programs to give these nutritious foods away to support people in our community who need them most,” says Amy Brooksbank, Pacific Foods’ director of marketing communications.

Pacific is currently on its second-annual Nourish Every Body Tour, which has been traveling the West Coast. The main focus of the tour is to provide samples of Pacific Foods’ products; for each sample given, Pacific donates a healthy meal to families in its Oregon community. A full list of the tour dates, which continue into November, is available here.

The Nourish Every Body campaign highlights Pacific Foods’ efforts to help its community—these efforts have included launching a children’s meal program and donating surplus crops to food banks.

For Pacific Foods, the Nourish Every Body campaign is a way to both promote healthy eating and do good for the community. Amy says the company spent a few years trying to encapsulate its mission into a single phrase, and Nourish Every Body proved successful by resonating with the company’s employees and accurately conveying Pacific’s message of healthy eating. Says Amy: “People should be able to feel good about the foods they eat—not just because they’re good for them and are made with care for the environment—but also because they work a little harder to make the world a brighter place.”

For more on the Nourish Every Body campaign, check out the video and story here.

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