Camp Pull-A-Shot… for FREE??

We’ve been talking a lot about Camp Pull-A-Shot, the Barista Guild of America’s first annual retreat, which will take place October 18 “21 at the beautiful El Capitan Canyon in Santa Barbara, California. This event ”which will feature incredible educational opportunities for baristas of all skill levels, as well as the kind of merriment and commeraderie the barista community is known for ”is a long time coming. Baristas have been asking for their own version of the Roasters Guild Retreat for many years, and now, here we have it.

Marcus Boni and the SCAA have been diligent in their efforts to keep costs down, and I, for one, am totally impressed at the final price-tag: $550 for BGA members, which includes your lodging and all meals and all educational seminars. Seriously, folks: I wouldn’t urge you to smash your piggybank or hound your boss for sponsorship unless I thought this event would be amazing and worthwhile. You’ve just got to be there.

One of the cabins at El Capitan, where Camp Pull-A-Shot takes place in October.

OK, OK I know there are some of you out there who are still having trouble finding the funds to go, and for you, we have something special: a chance to win an all-expenses paid scholarship to Camp Pull-A-Shot! That’s right: domestic airfare and registration to camp can be yours, thanks to the generosity of the BGA and Marcus.

We at Barista Magazine are handling the actual contest to see who wins this awesome scholarship ”here’s how it works:


Enter to win an all expenses paid trip to Camp Pull-A-Shot, the Barista Guild of America’s first annual retreat. Submit a video (3 minutes maximum) telling us why you feel you deserve a scholarship to Camp Pull-A-Shot. Tell us why it’s important to you, what you hope to get out of the experience and how you hope Camp Pull-A-Shot can help you become a better barista and coffee professional.

Submit videos to from now through midnight October 1, 2010.

Videos will be posted (with editor’s discretion) on Barista Magazine’s Facebook page, our blog, Pasteboard (, and on the Barista Guild of America’s blog. The contest winner will be determined by YOU ”cast your vote at Barista Magazine’s Facebook page. All videos will be available for view in the days following October 1 for comprehensive viewing. This is going to be sweet!

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  2. Yes, thanks for doing this. And take it from us, who were just there this past weekend, you don’t wanna miss this. It’s going to be truly EPIC. This place is awesome. And the content and social things are going to change your world.

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