Brewing Up Some Beautiful Prints

The Department of Brewology is crafting some amazing handmade prints celebrating different brewing techniques

Deep in the heart of Texas, David Salinas, an illustrator, longtime barista, and one of the founders of Coffer Cold Brew Coffee, is brewing up something creative, beautiful and even educational. He’s been busy using his skills as an illustrator and creator of hand-drawn typography to produce via the Department of Brewology an eight-part series of handcrafted prints celebrating different brewing techniques.

We were lucky enough to see some of the prints, and we were immediately struck by how cool, unique and engaging they are, so we wanted to talk with David about them a little more in-depth.

Department of Brewology

BMag: Where did the idea for the Department of Brewology come from and how did you get started?  
David: I’m an illustrator by trade, specializing in hand-drawn typography; for the last 10 years I’ve worked extensively in brand development and corporate identity.  I’ve also always been drawn to specialty coffee, it only seemed natural to combine those two passions.  The brewing technique series is the result of countless conversations with my old friend Aaron Blanco of the Brown Coffee Co.  His input has been key in the development of the series; it was really at his shop that it all started with 2 mural pieces that he commissioned me to create back in 2012 (You can see the mural here).  I’ve had the pleasure to train extensively under him as well as Lorenzo Perkins (of Cuvee Coffee) & Tom Vincent of the Texas Coffee School.  
Throughout the last 15 years, I’ve had the pleasure of working at a good number a shops as a barista.  I’m now about to start working with StoutHaus Coffee Pub in Austin, TX.  I’m really looking forward to getting behind the bar again.
Department of Brewology
The Chemex print is among the first three in an eight-part series.

BMag: How are the prints made? What materials do you use?
David: Working in the music industry for the last 10 years as an illustrator, I’ve had the opportunity to design countless screen-printed tour posters.  Using the same process for the series wasn’t even a question.  My good friend and local Austinite Tony Perez of RAMONA PRESS has been instrumental in producing the series.  He sources 100-lbs kraft paper and water based inks; every print is hand-pulled and cured in the Texas heat.
department of brewology
Each print is made by hand in Austin, Texas.
BMag: What are you goals for the project? Will there be more prints in the future?  
David: Since launching the first three parts of the series, we’ve had a tremendous show of support. So far I’m very pleased with the names we’ve recently teamed up with, most notably Crema Coffee in Nashville, TN and Coffee Supreme in New Zealand and Australia both will have the series available for sale.  We’re also in talks with other coffee retailers in Las Vegas, Kansas City and Long Beach, NY.
The prints are currently available for sale at  at $35 a piece.  As of now I’m working on the rest of the (eight-part) series which will be featuring a Portafilter, a French Press, Cold Brew, Cupping and a Roaster.  Towards the end of the series we’ll likely produce a hand-illustrated Coffee Brewing Control Chart.
In exploring specialty coffee, its been exhilarating to learn of a vast array of techniques honed by true artisans.  More than anything I hope The Department of Brewology would serve to be an homage to the industry and all those who have worked so tirelessly to pursue a better cup of coffee.


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