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Hey thanks for stopping by your weekly all-in-one blog post round up we call BMag Back Atcha!

We had another busy week here on the BMag blog so without further delay let’s run through everything we posted and see if there’s anything that you missed!

This week had a couple of big events happening in Milan, Italy, and we had a number of stories about them. It’s the week for the bi-annual mammoth trade show called HOST, and this week was another installment of La Marzocco’s popular Out of the Box event also held in Milan.

At the HOST event you can meet and interact (and maybe even get some one-on-one time) with several of the champion barista competitors from across the globe. Our friends at  Mahlkönig, the Official Grinder Sponsor of the WBC, and whose equipment Matt Preger from Australia and Pete Licata from the USA and current WBC champion competed on, is offering attendees of the HOST Milan show, the chance to meet both guys and maybe even get some personalized instruction.  You can read all about it here:
Meet the Champions at HOST!


Then we had a story out of the Pacific Northwest, after we received a video that our friend David at  Tony’s Coffee  in Bellingham, Washington shared with us. It’s a great little video that really captures a sense of place and artisan craft that the city and the company embody. You can check it out here:
This is What Small Business is All About


Next up it was Wednesday, so of course it was time to play another round of Humpday Giveaway our weekly trivia contest for sweet, sweet prizes. This week we had a couple of powder-coated weighted steaming pitchers  from  Visions Espresso.
Let’s Play Barista Magazine’s Humpday Giveaway! #34 (October 16, 2013 Edition)

And our corresponding winner announcement:
BMag’s Humpday Giveaway Winner! #34 (Oct. 16, 2013 Edition)


Meanwhile we had story out of New York    where our friends at  Toby’s Estate  (which we recently featured here on the blog for the  totally cool Panama project  they did with some staffers) are set to open a new cafe on Monday in Manhattan! You can find out all about it right here:
Toby’s To Open Manhattan Café on Monday


Then we had a story about Australians in Australia instead of New York, specifically our friends at Single Origin Roasters are hosting a totally cool  Barista Throwdown  with  La Marzocco  on November 8 in Sydney, Australia! Handsome Coffee, in Los Angeles, Calif, will be sending their own Michael Philips Down Under to mc the event. And seriously, if you can go, go! You won’t believe what you could win! Find out more right here:
Knock-down, Drag-out, Aussie style!


Sarah was talking with Mike McKim ”head honcho of  Cuvee Coffee  in Austin, Texas and he told her about a terrific new video they made. Seriously, take two minutes and watch it! It’s Texas-sized stuffed with funny!
Hilarious Coffee Ad Spoof by Cuvee


Over at Out of the Box, Sarah got to see the look on Piero Bambi’s face when the Alfa Romeo van customized from scrap to look exactly like the  La Marzocco  original espresso van when it was revealed to the company’s beloved Honorary President last night at the opening party for La Marzocco’s  Out of the Box  event  here in Milan, Italy. A really, really cool van and story!
A La Marzocco Original Brought Back to Life


And here we’ll just quote Sarah from Milan from her post  Live from Milan!:

If you’re not here with us at La Marzocco Out of the Box, believe me, we miss you. But you can catch up with everything that’s going on by tuning into the live streaming video coming atcha from the heart of Milan’s design district on  La Marzocco TV!

Last night, I interviewed many of the big names and faces gathered here at the event, including David Griswold of Sustainable Harvest, Australian Barista Champ Matt Perger, Stumptown Coffee’s Matt Lounsbury, Greek Barista Champ Stefanos Domatiotis, and many,many more! You can watch all the videos by tuning into La Marzocco TV right  HERE.


And then it was her wrap up post from the Out of the Box event:  La Marzocco Out of the Box 2013 Was the Stuff of Legends

 A truly magical few days here in the heart of Milan’s design district, where artists, musicians, designers, architects, and authors came together with some of specialty coffee’s very best and brightest to look at La Marzocco innovations from new and varied perspectives. I’ll have an article about the event in the December+January issue of Barista Magazine, but I wanted to share some of my favorite moments from day 2 with you while the fairydust is still in the air.


Thanks again for stopping by! And remember to visit the BMag blog all week long to find the latest news, events and other fun stuff every day, and of course play along with us every Wednesday for Humpday Giveaway!

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