BMag Back Atcha “ Week of December 9 “15, 2013

Happy Sunday, everyone! Hope it’s been a good and productive week for all. We here at Barista Magazine have been busy with all sorts of things, from visiting coffee farms in Kenya (which is what publisher Ken Olson’s been doing), to writing about other coffee news from around the world on our blog and holding down the fort here at Barista Mag HQ in Portland (that’s what I’ve been up to).

In case you missed any news this past week ”including Ken’s fantastic photos and reports from Kenya ”here are some quick links to all the news we covered here on our website last week. So grab a cup of coffee, get a blanket and your laptop, maybe a cat to snuggle with, and settle in with us for BMag Back Atcha, all the coffee news from December 9 “15.

On  Monday,  we were excited to share the news that the Early Harvest Brazil Cup of Excellence was a huge success for the farmers involved, bringing in more than half a million in farmer payout.

Also on  Monday, we introduced you to Chic Kelty’s Kickstarter project,m the Immerset Brewer, which got you readers really riled up and excited to chat about brewers.

On  Tuesday, Ken was on the ground in Nairobi, Kenya, with all the barista champs from the U.S. 2013 competition year on the Cafe Imports Origin trip. He shares photos and a report from the first day’s adventures.

Also on  Tuesday, we had a fun article about the thriving specialty coffee and cafe scene in San Diego, California. Check out this list of some of the best coffee spots in town.

On  Wednesday, it was time for Barista Magazine’s weekly blog trivia contest, Humpday Giveaway! We offered up an amazing new book for the specialty coffee industry ”check it out!

Also on  Wednesday, Ken posted his second report and photo album from Kenya, as the baristas lucky enough to go on the Cafe Imports Origin Trip explored farms and dry mills.

We capped off  Wednesday‘s coverage with a great interview with Alon Halevy, coffee book author and Google genius, who developed the Barista Magazine Coffee Scout Project app. Because this app was built as a nonprofit, to serve cafe owners in getting their name, location, and details out to the masses in search of great coffee, having a chat with Alon about the process, and the work involved was really illuminating.

On  Thursday, Ken posted stories and photos from the barista champ adventures on day three in Kenya.

Also on  Thursday, we did our drawing to determine the winner of the book, “Coffee: A Comprehensive Guide to the Bean, the Beverage, and the Industry,” which was our prize for this week’s Humpday Giveaway contest!

On  Friday,  we were pumped to share an awesome article by Todd Goldsworthy about the final showdown between the Bay Area Coffee Community and the  Los Angeles TNT (LATNT) Latte Art Championship, which took place in San Francisco.

Also on  Friday,  we announced the location for the next Barista Nation event… MONTREAL! Save the date!

On  Saturday, we had a preview post about the upcoming HOTELEX event in Shanghai, which will host the China Barista Championship, the China Latte Art Championship, and much more.

Also on  Saturday, we posted a ton of fantastic photos from Ken in Kenya, as the barista champs on the Cafe Imports Origin Trip navigated a safari and meet local villagers.

And now it’s Sunday! Time to chillax and catch up. We’ll see you tomorrow ”as we do every single day of the year here on Barista Magazine’s blog ”for more original news from our always exciting international coffee community.

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