Best Wishes

I’m getting excited on behalf of Ken and Sarah for the impending wedding which is only days away! So this is me wishing you guys all the best for your wedding day, lots of love, beer, dancing and coffee with your  family, friends and pets!

engagement and 'keeper' ring (to hold the engagement)

From a gal half way around the world I hope your day is amazing, memorable and special for both of you.

 Emily x

p.s, I hope that ANYONE within 100 miles of the wedding does at least one  great post with lots of pictures so we can see beautiful Sarah and handsome Ken!


  1. My dear Sarah and Ken,
    I’m having a glas of “bubbly” so I can say Skál to you on this perfect day.
    I hope you both say “yes” and have a great time tonight.

    big kisses from the Icelandic gang

    Sonja Grant

  2. I so wish I could be there – especially if Ken’s going to cry 😉
    Have a wonderful day and know that we are there in spirit.
    -Sigga Dora and Klaus

  3. Em, thank you so much for the sweet message! Ken and I are very excited! We only wish all out friends could be with us in person… But we’re hoping to visit you in Australia soon, so we’ll have a toast to look forward to!

    Photos to come on the blog. Ken won’t be able to help himself!

    Big hugs to you Em, and thanks —

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