Hey everyone. I wanted to mention that I am now a full time roaster for Ritual Coffee Roasters in beautiful San Francisco. I have one bar shift a week so I can “keep it real” (shout out to Larson) and basically to keep myself in line with the coffee. Roasting is everything I never thought it would be, and I love it more than I ever thought I would honestly.

I am not a big fan of attention, so the aspect of the behind the scenes of roasting is great!

This summer was slow for me, didn’t get to do much really besides move one of my best friends across the country from upstate NY to Oakland. I have been roasting, and pulling shots and working extra hard at making a good flagship espresso for Ritual.

RyanBrown has named me the (DoE) Director of Espresso (the name was his idea, not mine for the record) and so what I have been doing is trying to really get a sense of what it takes coffee and roasting wise to create a good blend.

So we now officially have a flagship espresso called Red Flag. Tadaaaa! I wanted something fruity, simple, syrupy and pleasant with milk. I have a lot more work to do, but so far it goes well. This is what i did last summer. Create an espresso blend for Ritual Coffee, and the only person I killed doing it, was myself.

ciao babies.