Barista Mag’s Humpday Giveaway Winner Announcement for $100 Worth of Seasonal Drink Making Supplies

Welcome to Barista Magazine’s Humpday Giveaway Winner Announcement for  $100 of Seasonal Drink Goodies!

We don’t do Humpday Giveaways on the regular anymore, as many of you know, but we roll out our popular contest every once in a while when we have a truly awesome prize to offer up to you readers. We want to give you a chance to win a gift that will help you in your work running the best cafes in the country, and this week’s prize of $100 worth of sauces and syrups specially designed by DaVinci Gourmet to make whipping up downright delicious seasonal drinks a breeze,  will give you a huge leg up in doing that.

Barista Mag's Humpday Giveaway Winner Announcement for $100 Worth of Seasonal Drink Making Supplies
The winner of this week’s Humpday Giveaway contest will win all the syrups and sauces in this photo ”that’s more than $100 worth of add-ons to use to craft holiday drinks for your customers that are guaranteed to boost your sales.

On Monday, we featured an article right here on Barista Magazine’s blog about how great seasonal drinks can be thanks to advice and know-how from Levi Andersen, who is a beverage specialist for DaVinci. If you didn’t read the article, you can check it out HERE.

On Wednesday, we launched this giveaway, and gave you readers 2 days to come up with the answer to a trivia question (whose answer could be found in the current issue, August+September 2015, of Barista Magazine), and enter to win this cool prize pack from DaVinci.

And finally, today, we’re back to announce the lucky winner of this amazing assortment of goodies to help you craft seasonal drinks in your cafe that will have your holiday-happy customers smiling and ordering more.

So without further ado…

The trivia question we asked was:  Generally speaking, what are the two brewing techniques used to make cold-brew coffee?

ANSWER: Total immersion and cold drip. The question came from the article about different cold-brew coffee brewing devices in our series, “New Adventures in Cold Brew.”

We entered everyone who submitted the correct answer into our randomizer, and the winner ”the new owner of the amazing package of seasonal drink-making goodies from DaVinci Gourmet ”was determined as: Steph Lopez! Congratulations, Steph!  We’ll be contacting you both shortly via email so you can claim your prizes.

Thanks to everyone  for playing Barista Magazine’s Humpday  Giveaway! And  special thanks to DaVinci Gourmet for the awesome prize pack.

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