Barista Magazine’s Humpday Giveaway Winner! #64 (May 28, 2014 Edition)

Hello and welcome  to  one of the best  posts of the week (well for someone – actually  make that two someones – anyway) : It’s the announcement of the winner of this week’s Humpday Giveaway!

Here it is ”the brand new Barista Magazine tshirt! We can't wait to see which three of you awesome Humpday Giveaway participants will win them!
Winners can choose this shirt or the Otter t-shirt or a subscription! The choices is yours!

The winners will get their choice of a BMag t-shirt or a one-year subscription!

First we have to review the question and then of course get the answer. Here’s the question we posed to you yesterday:

Question: What was Jared Truby’s first experience to a coffee producing country? (Please name the country and why he was there.)

Answer:  Costa Rica as part of the Cafe Imports Origin Trip for winning the Southwest Regional

So who’s our lucky winner? We put the names of all the people who got the answer correct into our random-selection software, and the winner was determined to be ¦

Gergely Salfai-Kovács and Lauren Ames!

Congratulations, Gergely Salfai-Kovács of Hungary and Lauren Ames of the USA!  We’ll be contacting you shortly via email so we can get your prize out to you!

Thanks to everyone for playing!

Come back next week for another round of Humpday Giveaway and as always visit the BMag blog daily for the latest news, events and people in coffee!

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